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The Call of Duty community has just under one week before they hear all about the future of the franchise. Call of Duty Next takes place on Sept. 15 and will reveal several aspects of future titles, including Modern Warfare, Warzone Mobile, and Warzone 2. However, just because Activision is saving all of the information for a big reveal event doesn’t mean industry insiders are doing the same. One Twitch streamer recently took to Twitter to leak everything they’ve heard of regarding Warzone 2 and its gameplay.

The streamer in question is Metaphor, who also previously leaked various aspects of the upcoming map and in-game mechanics for Warzone 2. Now, Metaphor is back to leak other information about the game, this time focusing more on gameplay. Of course, players should take all of these details with a grain of salt. While Metaphor very well could have seen early gameplay of Warzone 2, there’s no way to know for sure if what they’re saying is true.

Warzone 2 gameplay elements leaked

In their recent leaking session, Metaphor sent out four tweets that contain a plethora of information about the upcoming Warzone installment. Fans can visit Metaphor’s Twitter to see their recent leaks or look below to get a quick synopsis.

  • NPCs will appear on the map at random times
  • There will continue to be floor loot as well storage containers to open for loot
  • Players can find different-sized backpacks. These backpacks have tiers that specify how much loot they can carry
  • New contracts will be introduced
  • The helicopter from the MW2 (2009) map Highrise will be flyable
  • The storm will no longer be gas, but instead a dust storm
  • Players can now shoot tires out from cars as well as shoot out of cars more effectively
  • Cars have limited fuel so players can’t drive around endlessly. However, there are refueling stations that players can drive by to fill up their tank.
  • Slide canceling is an option the developers can turn on or off
  • There are mostly new vehicles coming to Warzone 2, with only the ATV returning from the current game
  • Another map is already being developed for the post-launch cycle

That’s a ton of leaks and new information about Warzone 2. Either Metaphor got an extremely detailed look at early Warzone 2 footage, they’re relaying info from someone else who did, or they are completely making all of this up to troll the community. With COD Next coming next and a supposed Warzone 2 beta following, fans will presumably be able to confirm all of this info themselves soon.

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