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In Fortnite World Cup Week 8, a team that previously cheated has qualified. The duo, Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach, had received a two-week ban from Epic Games for the cheating. The ban stemmed from collusion with other players. The team fed kills to one another during Week 3 of the Fortnite World Cup. XXiF qualified for the finals that week but lost his spot and earnings. Epic Games quoted Rules 8.2.2 & 8.2.3 for the ban in their competitive blog post on May 3, 2019.

The duo qualifies in Week 8

XXiF and Ronaldo sat out the two-week ban. Then the duo qualified in the Week 8 competition. They finished in third place with 91 total points. Through nine games, the team compiled nine eliminations and two wins. After being caught cheating earlier in the World Cup, the duo is headed to New York City for the World Cup Final. The team is more than capable at competing at the highest level. Their recent success and play make the community wonder why they cheated initially. They made poor decisions, but Epic Games gave them a second chance. They are extremely lucky to compete in the Fortnite World Cup again.

The Fortnite community in an uproar

As predicted by Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, XXiF and Ronaldo came back and qualified. This is the competitive community’s worst nightmare. Many players criticized how Epic Games handled the situation from the beginning. Two weeks is not enough to discourage cheating in the future. Now, the duo will play for $3 million in July and earn a minimum of $50,000 per player.


Professional players showed their frustration today on Twitter. Rightfully, they are angry players can cheat with little repercussions. The esports event with the highest prize pool in gaming history now has a stain. Other players put in so many hours practicing to earn a qualification spot. They worked hard without trying to cheat, and now one spot goes to a team that did.

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