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TwitchCon 2018: More Twitch Rivals events, Squad Stream, and more

In a keynote presentation delivered by Twitch CEO Emmett Shear, big things were announced for 2019. Perhaps one of Twitch’s largest investments in esports revolves around Twitch Rivals. This is a collection of competitive gaming events over the course of the year that award big money in prizes. Now, Twitch plans to expand the scope of Twitch Rivals with 128 events in 2019. Along with that expansion includes a bump in the monetary prizes available. The company has already sunk a few million dollars in prizes this year and will up the ante next year.

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Squad Stream!

In addition to this announcement, a new set of upcoming features was discussed as well, including moderator tools, highlight editor updates, VIP badges, Twitch Sings – a game that allows streamers take their vocal talent to the internet – and more. But perhaps one of the most exciting features is Squad Stream. Squad Stream will enable up to four people to stream on one Twitch channel together. Seeing an entire squad storm the video gaming stratosphere could be, well, quadruple the fun of watching just one of your favorite streamers. Imagining this feature put to use in Fortnite, for instance, would enable viewers to see all angles of the fight from each squad member’s perspective. Twitch will select streamers to test out this feature later this year.

Keep your eyes on TwitchCon 2018 as it runs all weekend (Oct. 26-29). Big personalities and celebrities like Tony Hawk are making an appearance at the Con as well as competitions like the wrap-up to the Fortnite Fall Skirmish. There’s plenty going on at TwitchCon this year to sink your teeth into. So, be sure to follow along on Twitch as all of the excitement unfolds. And be sure to let us know about your favorite moments of TwitchCon in the comments section below.