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Loaded, a popular esports management company, has added two more superstar streamers to their team. Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham signed contracts with the firm. Alongside these streamers, popular esports host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere joined as well.

Already boasting top streamers like Ninja, Shroud, and TimTheTatMan, Loaded has become the premier destination for content creators. Although they do sign many streamers, the addition of Sjokz shows Loaded is going in a new direction.

Loaded strikes again

While they like to stay in the shadows, Loaded is by no means a secret. Many high-profile streamers and creators have signed on to bolster their brand through the company. Once a creator feels they need to expand their influence, they look to a management firm to help. In recent years, Loaded has been one of the only places these creators turn to.

With working a full-time job — yes, streaming is full-time — creators need someone on the sidelines handling the business side of things. Think of Loaded as a sports agency; they take care of endorsements, brand deals, and public appearances.

The recent signings of Dakotaz, Skadoodle, and Sjokz show Loaded isn’t slowing down. Essentially cornering the market on top creators, they have amassed quite the roster.

Both Dakotaz and Skadoodle are known for their impressive battle royale gameplay. While Dakotaz plays Fortnite and Skadoodle dominates Apex Legends, each streamer is one of the best at what they do. The two of their Twitch channels garner over 5,000 viewers at any given time. Though with Loaded now in the mix, their numbers should go up even more.

Alongside the two powerhouse streamers, Loaded signs the First Lady of Esports, Sjokz. A freelance esports host, Sjokz spends most of her time with League of Legends, hosting the European Championship Series. However, she will dabble in other events from time to time.

Dakotz Sjokz Skadoodle Loaded

What this means for the future

In the future, Loaded will find opportunities for these personalities to expand their brand. Even though they are already well-known, Loaded has a habit of making big stars even bigger.

With Ninja, they coordinated the brand deal between him and Red Bull. Also, his appearance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve was in part thanks to Loaded.

Although they already possess a huge lineup of creators, adding these three personalities is a big deal to Loaded. Founder and CEO Brandon Freytag had this to say about the signings:

We’re excited to welcome this group of dynamic and talented creators to our roster. As the leading management firm in the gaming space, Loaded is continuing to diversify its client roster to better meet the needs of the growing number of brands, advertisers and publishers that recognize the incredible influence and content created by gaming talent.

While it’s obvious Loaded wants as many creators as possible, it’s interesting to see them diversify. In the past, they have solely focused on streamers. Now, signing Sjokz, they’re showing they want to grow into different realms of esports. So be on the lookout for Loaded to sign one of your favorite personalities in the near future.

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