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Twitch Safety Advisory Council member FerociouslySteph has shared on stream she thinks “a lot” of gamers are white supremacists.

In a clip that is circulating, she says, “I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists. Sorry, it’s just a fact of how I feel.” Although the context of her conversation is unknown, it’s seemingly irresponsible for a member of SAC to nonchalantly describe a significant portion of gamers as racists. Granted, it’s difficult to imagine what topic arose that would lead FerociouslySteph to blanket a part of a community as white supremacists.


It was only on May 14 that Twitch introduced its Safety Advisory Council (SAC). The council’s goal is to oversee the community’s safety and advise on all policies. Furthermore, Twitch says SAC members were chosen on their experience and personal alignment with the organization’s mission. Since that announcement, the community has expressed mixed emotions. In general, the community supports Twitch’s efforts in developing a council to advise on policy decisions.  However, many are speaking out against those chosen to represent the community. Specifically, viewers shared the council does not adequately represent Twitch or have ample experience to do so. FerociouslySteph’s recent comment is adding fuel to that fire.

FerociouslySteph offends the Twitch community

The backlash she’s receiving is no surprise because the main demographic of Twitch is, in some capacity, involved with gaming. According to Twitch, FerociouslySteph is known for fighting for “inclusivity” and representing marginalized gamers that compromise her community. Therefore, it’s curious that FerociouslySteph would go as far as to say the marginalized viewers in her community are what she also might consider white supremacists.

All things considered, FerociouslySteph isn’t setting herself up for success or acceptance from the Twitch community, though, again, the context surrounding her controversial statement is missing. Regardless, her outlandish comments continue to offend and isolate members of the community. At the moment, many are urging Twitch to reconsider her position on SAC.

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