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On July 21, Twitch Rivals’ Community Manager CloudFuel clarified that Warzone streamer Zack “ZLaner” Lane was marked as ineligible for competition in Warzone Showdown NA by accident.

Social media exploded on July 20 when ZLaner announced that he was ineligible to play in the Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament. ZLaner made this announcement after dressing up as the banned Twitch streamer Herschel “DrDisrespect” Beahm. Although a friend of ZLaner, DrDisrespect has been a heavily debated topic on Twitch after he was permanently banned over a year ago.

Since his ban, other Twitch streamers have shied away from being on the same team with DrDisrespect for fear of punishment themselves. It has been over a year since DrDisrespect was banned from Twitch and we still don’t know the context of his punishment.

On the day of Warzone Showdown NA, ZLaner announced that he was ineligible to play. This was due to a message he’d received from the Twitch Rivals staff. People on social media began to speculate that ZLaner was marked ineligible because he was dressed as a banned Twitch streamer. That is now confirmed to not be the case, according to Twitch Rivals’ CloudFuel.

ZLaner’s Twitch Rivals ineligibility was an accident

CloudFuel took to Twitter the day after the incident to clear the air on the situation. The system showed that it was a mistake for ZLaner to be marked ineligible.

“The system showed that ZLaner was marked as ineligible,” CloudFuel said. “I inquired about it internally. The situation was then reviewed. After the review, it was determined that he should not have been listed as ineligible. It’s an unfortunate mistake that should have never occurred.”

CloudFuel also expressed that ZLaner is eligible to compete in Twitch Rivals events going forward.