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Twitch Rivals announces first Teamfight Tactics tournament

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Twitch announced they will be hosting the first ever official Teamfight Tactics tournament on their Twitch Rivals platform. Upon being released to PBE, Teamfight Tactics garnered a record number of viewers on Twitch. Many players even initially reported waiting several hours to get into a game. With this success, it seems like the prime time to capitalize on the game mode’s popularity.

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The tournament will take place over a two-day period starting on July 17 and feature 64 players. The competitors will be participating in a chance to win a USD $125,000 total prize pool.

Twitch Rivals

Day one of the Twitch Rivals tournament will feature the two groups of 32 players. Group one will start playing at 9 a.m. PST and group two at 1:45 p.m. PST. Day two will consist of the top 8 players per group from day one competing for the Teamfight Tactics championship title. The tournament will be broadcast live with commentary on the Twitch Rivals channel. Each streamer’s own point of view can also be seen on their respective Twitch channels.

Teamfight Tactics missions have been released today as well. The main menu gives every player the same three missions to complete per week. Missions consist of playing games, playing specific characters, or upgrading champions to a certain level. By completing missions, players can redeem new map skins and experience toward their Beta Pass bar.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics, a new game mode released by Riot Games, is turn-based, unlike the main MOBA mode. Riot created the game due to the former wildly popular Dota 2 game mod Auto Chess by Drodo Studio. Players can create their own team composition with unique items and strategies. Each game consists of eight players facing each other in turns.

Each player’s champions fight on the board with active and passive skills. Gold coins can be used to draw new champions and buy experience to level up. The losing player will have their game character’s health bar decreased based on performance, until they are eventually removed from the match.

Have you tried out Riot Games’ newest popular game mode, Teamfight Tactics? Or any of its competitors including Dota Underlords or Dota Auto Chess? Do you think any more esports organizations will sign their own “auto chess” players as Team Liquid did?

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