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On Friday English football club Arsenal FC streamed a watch-along of the match against their Premier League opponents Aston Villa, but Twitch accidentally put Rocket League professional player Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr on the front page. He went from 2,000 viewers to 17,000 in a matter of minutes.

Arsenal initially did not notice the sudden increase in viewers until his chat pointed it out. At first, The SpaceStation Gaming player was worried about being view-botted but ultimately spotted himself on the front page as well, realizing Twitch’s mistake.

Rocket League player Arsenal unintentionally finesses Arsenal FC

Arsenal was just having his casual European RLCS watch party when chat began to notice the sudden spike in viewers. Arsenal was noticeably worried, before the Rocket League player understood Twitch had made a mistake. Then, the uncontrolled laughter began.

“Got scammed, got scammed,” Arsenal said, barely getting the words out. “This ain’t soccer. Motherf*ckers came for soccer, this ain’t soccer, b*tch, we play with cars.”

Arsenal saw his viewer count rise rapidly and gladly took the opportunity to benefit from the situation. He ran ads numerous times as his viewer count ran up to 17,000, with chat going along with the hilarity. Twitch quickly corrected the mistake, removing Arsenal from the front page, but the player was already having a good day. While Arsenal is a popular Rocket League streamer and professional player in his own right, 17,000 was a new record for his channel.

“I just unintentionally finessed Twitch,” he said, albeit with some more profanity.

Eventually, numbers fluctuated and began to drop, until Arsenal finally ended the stream when the RLCS broadcast ended. His night ended on a high with a nice surprise and some extra pocket money from all the ad runs. Those who would like to see the entire event unfold can do so on Arsenal’s Twitch VOD, beginning at 3:29:00.