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The CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, recently shared his thoughts on the current state of the new Safety Advisory Council. Since May 14, Twitch has received plenty of questions among viewers regarding the council. Just two days ago, council member FerociouslySteph openly said a few offensive statements regarding white supremacy and gamers, which caused an uproar in the Twitch community. Viewers then called for Twitch to take action against her. Amid the controversies, Shear released a statement vaguely relating back to these issues.

In his statement, Shear explained what the council is and what their duties are. The entire point of the council is to ensure a healthy community, offering perspective and keeping the community safe.

Twitch intended to hire people of many backgrounds to keep the diversity in thoughts and ideas flowing, so Shear said, “Because a position on the council is not a test of ideology or an endorsement by Twitch on a specific viewpoint, we expect that members of the council will sometimes have very different viewpoints from each other, from Twitch staff members, or from the official Twitch policy.”

Going against the rules

The message explains that Safety Advisory Council members cannot make moderation decisions, “nor will they have access to any details on specific moderation cases.” However, FerociouslySteph may have suggested otherwise in a viral Twitch clip, stating she has “power” and that “some people” should be afraid of her. Additionally, she expressed that Twitch should get rid of voice chat, which is something many viewers were not happy about.

Unhappy viewers

In a way, Shear made it clear that Twitch does not endorse these actions. Although the message did not speak to her actions specifically, the underlying sentiment was picked up by most readers. Overall, many followers were not satisfied with the statement though and continued to share their thoughts with Shear.

There’s no indication whether Twitch will answer further questions from dissatisfied viewers. What are your thoughts on Twitch’s response to the controversial statements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stick with Daily Esports for more esports and gaming news.

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