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After the Fortnite World Cup, the number of players signing with organizations slowed. The lack of new signings is expected. Now, as the Fortnite Championship Series begins, so too do the signings. On Aug 30, Team SoloMid (TSM) announced two new players.

First, Emad “Emad” Nasif joined as both a competitive player and content creator. He is best known for creating the phrase “GGs only.” Next, Theo “Crue” Ferrer also joined TSM. Crue is a competitive Fortnite player from Sweden who recently placed sixth overall at the World Cup Finals. Previously, Crue played for Valhalla Vikings. The two players bolster an already stacked roster for Team SoloMid.

Who is Emad?

Emad, or EmadGG, previously played for Eleven Gaming. The organization and player parted ways back in April of 2019. Emad has been a part of the competitive Fortnite scene for quite some time, though. His first tournament was PAX West in September of 2018. Although Emad has never finished on top of the leaderboard, he consistently places in tournaments. Now, the competitive player has also turned into a streamer and content creator. And now he’ll be doing it for TSM.

Finally, Emad created a phrase that is known across the Fortnite world. That phrase is “GGs only,” which roughly translates to “remain positive regardless of what happens during a game.” Many players in the community now use the phrase sarcastically when the ridiculousness of Fortnite occurs.

Who is Crue?

Crue has also played Fortnite competitively for a long time. He exploded onto the scene by qualifying for the World Cup. First, Crue qualified as a duo with Moussa “Chapix” Faour. Then, he also qualified as a solo in Week 9. The duo underperformed at the World Cup after losing the battle for Paradise Palms. However, Crue finished in sixth place as a solo player. He quietly managed to win the final game of the World Cup to win a large cash prize.

Now, the focus of competitive Fortnite turned to trios. And Crue and his team remain among the top trios in the game. They narrowly missed qualifying for the Season Finals, but they have earned prize money every week thus far. At this pace, their consistency will earn them a spot in the Season Finals.

Trios allowed new teams and players to rise. Expect to see more players signing with organizations like TSM as the Fortnite Championship Series continues. Already, multiple players have announced signing with teams, but have yet to release more information. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite news and updates!

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