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TSM Fortnite player Vinny “Vinny1x” Gerald Gilgan has announced that he will be leaving the team due to a loss of interest in the game. This news shocks many fans as the Fortnite star recently signed with TSM in February 2019.

Throwing in the towel

In a Twitter post, Vinny1x shares his doubts when it comes to his gaming career. He states a loss of motivation and determination in competitive playing resulted in his decision to leave TSM. Additionally, he also mentions that he wouldn’t be competitively playing if there was no money involved. ” If fortnite didn’t put money into their competitive scene, I would’ve quit a long time ago.” He continues, “I was determined. I use to tell my mom that I’m going to make it and I’m going to be the best in the world. Sadly that hunger has ran out for a very long time.” He ends the note stating how playing battle royals have gotten stale for him, but he’s excited for what the future brings. Most importantly, he realizes that money can’t buy happiness.

Excited from the start

Previously, he was excited to join TSM exactly one year ago. Before he joined the team, he earned the title as a top player in the Fortnite competitive scene. He competed at TwitchCon and played in both Winter Royale and Secret Skirmish. In the welcome letter, he said: “It has always been a dream of mine to join one of the best organizations in the gaming industry.”

TSM says goodbye

TSM responded to his resignation in a heartfelt tweet, thanking him for all of the memories they’ve had together. His duo partner, Anthony “ZexRow” Colander, showed his sadness in only two words “I’m done”. His future duo partner is yet to be announced.

Overall, many fans are shocked and disappointed over his departure. Other shared how impactful and inspirational he was as a professional player.

Good luck, Vinny1x! We hope you find endless opportunities in whichever path you choose to take.