TSM adds gMd and seven to VALORANT roster
TSM signs gMd
TSM signs gMd | Provided by TSM

TSM adds gMd and seven to VALORANT roster

Another roster mix up in NA

On Saturday, TSM announced the addition of two new players to its VALORANT roster: former Gen.G player Anthony “gMd” Guimond and former T1 player Johann “seven” Hernandez. Dot Esports previously reported that TSM was looking to sign these two, and now the organization has confirmed the new additions itself.

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TSM adds gMd and seven to VALORANT roster

TSM has struggled to find its footing in the competitive VALORANT scene, despite having successful rosters in other esports like Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege. The VALORANT squad has yet to qualify for any international events and in 2022, they didn’t make it to the North American VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1 group stage.

Likely because of this performance, TSM has been making changes to its VALORANT squad since January, releasing Stephen “reltuC” Cutler when his contract expired and signing former Overwatch player Corey “corey” Nigra and Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo. Taylor “drone” Johnson was also released when his contract expired in February. The last big departure was Matthew “Wardell” Yu, who parted ways with TSM in March.

Now, gMd and seven will join corey, Rossy and Yassine “Subrosa” Taoufik to try to make TSM a heavy hitter in the NA VCT scene for the next stage. GMd formerly played for Gen.G, another NA squad that has never qualified for an international event. They did take third in the 2021 VCT NA Stage 1 Masters tournament, however. Meanwhile, seven is coming to TSM from T1 after only about three months with the roster. He joined in January and was benched in late March.

TSM will next compete in the first VCT NA Stage 2 open qualifiers starting on April 28. They will face the likes of seven’s old T1 squad, Moon Raccoons and gMd’s former teammates, Gen.G to try to snag a spot in the NA Stage 2 group stage.