True Neutral to transfer Rocket League roster to a larger organization
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True Neutral to transfer Rocket League roster to a larger organization

The South American organization wants the team to 'keep building their careers'

True Neutral, the South American Rocket League Championship Series champions, are set to release their Rocket League roster as the team will compete in North America for the first time this season, the organization announced Monday.

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True Neutral were the strongest force in South America last season. So much so that the roster moved to Mexico in order to compete in the North American RLCS, which starts next week. However, True Neutral announced that the roster deserves to represent a larger organization that will allow them to “keep building their careers.”

From True Neutral to a larger Rocket League organization

Despite coming from a less popular region, True Neutral have become a well-known name in the Rocket League scene. Three players — Facundo “Shad” Vallerino, Victor “Reysbull” Duran Parra and Lautaro “ajg” Gusinsky — were far and away the best team in South America last season. They won most of the South American RLCS events and placed at least top three in much of the rest. After their victory in the South American RLCS Championships, the roster announced their move to Mexico to play in a more competitive region and for more prize money.

Now, days ahead of the next season of RLCS, they announced the desire to transfer the roster.

“We have fully supported them in their endeavors up until now, but mutually believe that it is time for them to bring the trophies home for a larger organization where they can keep building their careers,” True Neutral said on Twitter. They went on to praise their Rocket League team for bringing them trophies and championships.

The organization has not yet found a new home for the players, but they state that they will provide full assistance. Currently, there are no known large organizations looking for a new roster. Evil Geniuses recently announced their return to Rocket League, but their new roster is set to be announced later this week.

True Neutral are expected to do reasonably well in the NA RLCS, although they have not faced any of the top teams in an official capacity yet. The season will begin Oct. 15 with Fall Regional 1, but True Neutral will have to qualify for that event this weekend, starting on Friday, Oct. 8.

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