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Summit voting season is upon the Melee community once again. Super Smash Bros. Melee fans have the opportunity to vote five players into Smash Summit 8, an invitational tournament happening in Los Angeles, California from June 13 – 16. As a result, players have begun their campaigns to secure votes for themselves.

Melee players have gone to extreme lengths in the past to try to get into Summit. Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez once ate a raw onion on stream. Another time, Weston “Westballz” Dennis dressed up as a clown. However, Álvaro “Trif” García Moral has taken a more subtle approach thus far.

Trif has campaigned by replying to others’ tweets with #Trif4Summit, even if the tweets are not related to Summit. He replied this to Smash Ultimate player Spencer “BestNess” Garner’s request for 5000 followers. He did the same to a tweet by 2GGaming asking what players do after taking their opponent’s stock.

While campaigning for himself in the replies of other people’s tweets, Trif has also offered support for other players. He retweeted Cody “iBDW” Schwab’s list of incentives for those who vote iBDW into Smash Summit 8. Trif also replied to two fellow international players, expressing hopes that they make it into Summit: Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby from Nicaragua and Te Tuhi “Spud” Kelly from New Zealand.

Who is Trif?

Trif is a Spanish Peach player ranked 35th on the MPGR 2018. He is currently considered the second best active player in Europe, behind William “Leffen” Hjelte. Trif has wins over top European talent such as Amsah “Amsah” Augustzoon, Aaron “Professor Pro” Thomas, and Mustafa “Ice” Akçakaya.

Though he has only been to a few tournament in 2019, Trif already has three top 10 wins this year: one over Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman at GENESIS 6, and two over Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto at Phoenix Blue 2.

Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett earned the first qualifier spot in Smash Summit 8 by placing 4th at Get On My Level 2019 on May 19. Players can earn one of the last two spots by placing high at Smash’N’Splash 5 or The Kid, The Goat, and The Mang0.