Trees are actually part of the competitive meta in Fortnite

Trees are actually part of the competitive meta in Fortnite

Wood you believe it?
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It’s the final circle in a close round of the European Fortnite Cash Cup and everyone is boxed up, holding their little piece of land in what’s left of the map. Landing a kill in these moments is more about placement and strategy than pure mechanical skills, and that’s just what French player Teeny had in mind.

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He opens up a small window in his metal box, sprays a nearby Sequoia and watches the tree fall directly onto an opposing player, killing them. He went on to win the Cash Cup thanks, in part, to his wooden friends and Fortnite’s new physics system, which was recently introduced at the start of Chapter 3.

Teeny (EU Solo Cash Cup Winner) Using Trees In End Game
byu/Macex20 inFortniteCompetitive

Chapter 3, Fortnite and trees

Chapter 3 has brought a number of big overarching changes to the colorful battle royale. Players can now slide and slide cancel, there is an entire new map to explore and lesser known features like tree physics are worming their way into competitive matches (the Sharknado is here too, but you won’t find that in competitive play). Trees have always been in Fortnite, but Chapter 3 added ones that will collapse when hit with a pickaxe or shot enough times. The trees then fall in the direction of the nearest enemy player.

Exploiting this as a strategy was relevant long before Teeny made his way to victory in the Cash Cup. North American players destroy trees whenever they see them, especially closer to the final circle, to make sure no one else uses them in the late game.

Unconventional tactics have always been present in Fortnite, but it’s always exciting to see new ones put on display. Players have used nothing but fish to make it far within the Fortnite Championship Series qualifiers, for example. It’ll be interesting to watch players use these strategies live when in-person events return later this year.

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