Treasure Dragon egg to release in TFT Patch 12.9
TFT Dragonlands TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Treasure Dragon egg
TFT Dragonlands TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Treasure Dragon egg | Provided by Riot Games

Treasure Dragon egg to release in TFT Patch 12.9

The new mechanic is a thematic teaser for TFT Dragonlands

With the official reveal of Teamfight Tactics’ seventh expansion, Riot Games is celebrating before the set even releases. Before TFT: Dragonlands comes out in Patch 12.11, the development team behind TFT is doing something cool for the player base in patch 12.9. With the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship over, Patch 12.9 is designed to let loose and be the “for fun” patch of the set. And to maximize fun, the dev team is putting in a new mechanic, the Treasure Dragon egg just for patch 12.9 that serves as a thematic teaser for the dragon-themed expansion.

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In patch 12.9, players will be introduced to a brand new Treasure Dragon Egg mechanic. This will be around until TFT set 6 goes away in early June. This mechanic is not one that exists in Set 7. It is purely being used to give players some extra fun at the end of Set 6 while also being a cool segue into the next set. TFT patch 12.9 is set to come out on Wednesday, May 11.

How does it work

The Treasure Dragon egg spawns on every player’s bench after the initial carousel on Stage 1-1. Before the first PvE round even begins, players will be able to see the size of the egg on their bench. The egg will be the same size on everyone’s bench. Players can then check the number of rounds it will take to hatch each egg. It seems like every egg will hatch at the start of a stage. For example, the smallest egg will always hatch on Stage 2-1. The next biggest Treasure Dragon egg will be 3-1 and so forth. Eggs seem to cap out on size at Stage 5-1.  With the biggest egg of course having the most loot inside.

Every egg no matter what has at least a Tome of Traits in it. The bigger eggs will of course contain a lot more. For example, an egg that hatches on Stage 3-1 can contain two-item components and a little gold in addition to the Tome of Traits. An egg that hatches on Stage 5-1 can contain a radiant item, a regular completed item and reforgers in addition to the Tome of Traits.

It is not clear if every player receives the same exact loot or not. But they are at least guaranteed to contain the same value.

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