Toronto getting huge new esports venue with Waves eGaming - Upcomer

Toronto getting huge new esports venue with Waves eGaming

Toronto may already be home to some esports venues, but a grandiose new one is about to open. Waves eGaming will be the largest one so far in all of Canada. Not only will you have a new place to play all your favorite competitive titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, Smash, etc. but you can also compete in some big cash tournaments.

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What makes this one different

Waves eGaming prides itself on becoming the first fully dedicated esports facility in one of Canada’s biggest cities. Its grand opening is actually happening this week. They’ve been hard at work getting things ready. This is what is sure to become the newest hub for gamers, both pros and casual players. I personally am excited for this to open up in my hometown. The new venue will be located at 2160 Steeles Avenue West near York University.

Waves e-Gaming esports Toronto
Waves e-Gaming

The new facility will feature the following:

  • Over 80 computers
  • 20+ consoles
  • 20 annual tournaments
  • 1600 sq. ft stage
  • Console Lounge
  • Nintendo Hub
  • Concession Stand

Summary from Waves E-Gaming Website

Waves eGaming is the first dedicated eSports facility in Canada. We are committed to connecting gamers across Canada, and bringing world-class eSport  tournaments to audiences and players around the world.

We aim to be the central hub in Toronto for gamers to socialize, play casually, train to improve, compete for prizes, and be provided with recruitment opportunities. Our facility houses top-of-the-line gaming PC’s & Console setups, dedicated fiber optic connection, live commentary booth, and in-house production capabilities

Our state of the art facility is fully equipped with a large stage, a concession stand, a wide selection of games, and a friendly gaming environment. Our unique modular setup helps us host small to large scale events. Everything from online streaming to full-on production is available at Waves.

Events will focus on the major popular games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Super Smash Bros., Call of Duty, etc. You can expect to see more announcements of these events on their social media as well as their website. The new venue could be just what we need for Toronto’s gaming community. This does makes sense, especially now that we have our own official Overwatch team. What better place for aspiring pros to train at? Stay tuned for an interview and tour of the new facility.