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Rocket League team Top Blokes is rebranding to Semper Esports, the organization announced on Monday.

Top Blokes was originally an unsigned roster, founded in 2020. After months of looking to sign for an organization, the quartet of Andy “Kassio” Landais, Jack “FlamE” Pearton, Archie “archie” Pickthall and Reece “RamS” Mullins instead announced in April 2021 that Top Blokes was to be the organization itself. With financial backers and the newly founded Semper Fortis Esports as its parent company, Top Blokes went on to finish in the top four of Europe in RLCS X. They will now continue as Semper Esports.


From Top Blokes to Semper Esports

Top Blokes formed after Veloce Esports dropped the roster ahead of RLCS X. After a few months of teasing that they had found a solution, they announced that British start up Semper Fortis Esports — which translates to ‘Always Courageous’ or ‘Always Strong’ in Latin — picked up the roster with financial backing.

The team would continue as Top Blokes but were signed by the new organization. At the time, team coach RamS saw it as the start of a journey that may someday even lead to the Top Blokes name expanding into other esports. And while that potentially still holds true for the organization Semper Fortis, the Top Blokes name will now be retired.

RamS explained the change on reddit.

“We wanted something a bit more esports-y and top blokes felt a little gimmicky for an esports team,” he said. “The name originally came from Myself, FlamE and Archie talking to Kassio about UK slang. Kassio was then trying to to describe a word and said ‘you know like a man, is a block? a block? block?’ And we were so confused until we asked him to type it and he wrote ‘bloke’ and we started dying with laughter — so when we went orgless we thought it’d be fun to take it as our name (at the time it wasn’t expected to be anything long term).”

Semper Esports recently parted ways with FlamE. While they’ve yet to announce his replacement, the team has recently been playing with Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak. They had good performances in RLCS X and are contenders to remain near the top in Season 11.