The top 5 Legend combinations in Apex Legends

The top 5 Legend combinations in Apex Legends

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

Apex Legends is one of only two major battle royale titles offering players unique characters, called Legends, to choose from (the other being Realm Royale). The choice of which character to select at the start of a match is far from trivial. These Legends each have their own abilities, which drastically alter their play styles. Due to these differences, how you combine them is of paramount importance. Let’s examine the five best team combinations in Apex Legends so you can make the most of these abilities.

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Meta Squad

  • Lifeline
  • Wraith / Bloodhound
  • Bangalore

Main Synergies

  • Bangalore’s tactical ability with Lifeline passive revive.
  • Bangalore’s tactical ability with Bloodhound tactical and ultimate abilities.
  • Bangalore’s tactical ability with Wraith Tactical ability.
One of the most common compositions you’ll find on King’s Canyon.

This is one of the most common combinations used in Apex Legends, and with good reason. It is the perfect blend of offense and defense ensuring you have an answer for every situation.

Bangalore is the obvious first choice due to her versatility. Her smoke grenade is an excellent way to confuse enemies and obscure their vision. This allows for a disorienting attack or an easy way to retreat. Bangalore’s ultimate is also highly versatile. Offensively, she can drop it on an enemy location to do damage and force them to move. Alternatively, she can drop it on your current position to allow for a smooth retreat.

Lifeline acts as the defensive backbone of this composition. Her ability to heal or revive teammates in the middle of a skirmish goes perfectly with Bangalore’s smoke. If your third teammate is taken out first, Bangalore can drop a smoke while Lifeline moves in for the heal. Her drone provides healing after the fights and her ultimate ensures your team always has great defensive equipment.

This composition frequently gets rounded out with Wraith or Bloodhound. The choice is ultimately up to which Legend you and your squad prefer.

Wraith is another good balance of offense and defense. Her ultimate rifts allow your team to move in and out of battles. But beware that enemies can use these too! Meanwhile, her tactical ability can be used inside Bangalore’s smoke grenade to reposition without enemies having the faintest idea of where you went.

Bloodhound can use both his tactical and ultimate abilities to see opponents through the smoke. This can make it advantageous for your team to fight indoors. If Bangalore drops her tactical in a small room or hallway, Bloodhound can use his abilities to see and damage opponents while their vision is obscured.

Ultimately regardless of what Legend you select to round out this composition, it is well suited for any situation. Just make sure whoever the third Legend is heads into the fray first. That way Bangalore and Lifeline can use their smoke grenade and revive combination to bring them back into the action if things get ugly.

Smoke Squad

  • Bangalore
  • Caustic
  • Bloodhound

Main Synergies

  • Bloodhound tactical and ultimate abilities with Bangalore’s tactical.
  • Bloodhound tactical and ultimate abilities with Caustic’s tactical and ultimate abilities.
  • Caustic’s passive with Bangalore’s tactical ability.
One of the most unique and synergistic Legend compositions.

This is a unique composition you can use to blind your enemies and excel in close-quarters encounters. Unlike the first squad on this list which excels in any situation, this squad needs to be used more tactically if you want to emerge as champions. Bangalore and Caustic both have abilities that obscure enemy vision and these are what you will want to rely on for a victory.

Both Caustic and Bloodhound can see through gas/smoke, making the key to this team’s success obscuring enemy vision. Furthermore, enemies hit by Caustic’s tactical and ultimate ability are outlined in green for your squadmates as well. This allows Bangalore to thrive in these gas-covered fights too.

This composition excels in tight spaces. Fights that take place inside or in narrow rocky corridors provide the best chance for your squad to come out on top. Bangalore’s smoke grenade and Caustic’s tactical and ultimate abilities can make it impossible for your enemies to see. Meanwhile, Bloodhound’s abilities and Caustic’s passive will highlight enemies for you.

This makes fights very one-sided as your enemies will be unable to know where to shoot while you can see them clearly.

Avoid large open spaces with this composition as much as possible. Caustic will have a much harder time getting enemies into his gas and Bloodhound has no need to use his tactical or ultimate when enemies are already visible.

Ultimately this composition is certainly a little harder to execute correctly than the first. However, if you love frustrating your opponents, this may just be the squad for you.

Defense Squad

  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline

Main Synergies

  • Gibraltar’s tactical ability with Lifeline’s tactical ability and passive.
  • Gibraltar’s ultimate ability with Lifeline’s passive.
  • Gibraltar’s tactical ability with Caustic’s tactical ability.
  • Caustic’s tactical and ultimate abilities with Lifeline’s passive and tactical abilities.
  • Lifeline’s ultimate ability with Gibraltar’s ultimate ability.
  • Lifeline’s ultimate ability with Caustic’s tactical and ultimate abilities.
One of the most difficult trios to push up on. A good defense is the best offense.

If you prefer long-range engagements or letting enemies come to you this is a composition worth giving a try. Enemy squads will have an extremely difficult time moving towards you with the traps and shields you can use to your advantage, making this the defensive god squad.

Gibraltar can use his tactical ability to completely prevent enemies from doing damage to his team. Alternatively, he can use his ultimate ability to prevent enemies from pushing up on top of you. Causic is more effective in tight spaces, but again has abilities that control how enemies approach your squad. Finally, Lifeline can get off revives easily when enemies aren’t right on top of her, and provide sustain in longer-range fights through use of her tactical ability.

As a result, this composition is one of the best for those inclined to engage at longer distances and then wait for enemy teams to charge. If one of you gets picked off from a distance, Lifeline is able to quickly pull them back into the fight before enemies can descend upon you. This is made even easier through the use of a Gibraltar tactical shield being deployed but isn’t necessary since Lifeline does deploy her own shield while reviving. There is another really interesting synergy between Gibraltar and Lifeline, where he can deploy his shield directly on top of Lifeline’s healing drone. This allows you to heal safely, but also to move the shield around by bumping into her drone.

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability is also able to help force where enemies can go safely, making him and Caustic excellent at controlling the location of a fight. Use Gibraltar’s ultimate alongside Caustic’s abilities to dictate exactly where a fight will take place and to prevent enemies from aggressively pushing your squad. Enemies who do move forward will have to navigate both Legends’ ultimate abilities as well as Caustic’s traps if they hope to get close without taking significant damage.

This squad is significantly less effective at chasing down enemies and doesn’t want to be overly aggressive. Many of these Legends’ abilities are put to far better use when remaining in position rather than moving forward, so that is something to keep in mind when using this trio. If you are relatively new to Apex Legends or enjoy locking down areas rather than constantly chasing kills, this composition is definitely worth a try.

Aggressive Squad

  • Bangalore
  • Wraith
  • Mirage / Octane

Main Synergies

  • Bangalore tactical ability with Octane tactical ability
One of the best combinations for kill hunting and winning individual engagements.

If you love getting right into the action, these are the Legends for you. While this team doesn’t have the synergies between abilities that other compositions offer, it does have one significant strength. All of these Legends excel at winning individual battles and can escape if a fight isn’t going their way.

This composition is worth giving a shot if you and your squad are all individually talented and confident in your abilities to win fights. It is easy to select when and where you want to fight with this group constantly giving you an element of surprise over your opponents. If you enjoy relying on gun skill and hunting as many kills as possible in a match, this squad makes it easy to do so.

This group is at a disadvantage in regular team fights however due to the fact there isn’t much synergy between these Legend abilities to work with. While other teams can become more through the sum of their parts, that really isn’t the case for this trio. This forces you to win individual gunfights and make the most of your own escape abilities to run when you need to recharge shields or health and change strategies.

Mobility Squad

  • Pathfinder
  • Octane
  • Wraith

Main Synergies

  • Wraith tactical ability with Octane ultimate ability.
A team composition with unparalleled mobility.

What this squad lacks in synergy it makes up for with tremendous mobility. All of these Legends have abilities that make traversing the map incredibly easy. If you enjoy looting as much as possible or getting into as many fights as you can, this is the group for you.

Due to this squad’s tremendous mobility, you don’t have to worry about the ring closing as much as other squads do. This frees you up to search for extra gear or get into additional engagements other teams would have to run from.

All three of these Legends have two unique movement abilities. Their tactical abilities only increase their own mobility but all three of their ultimates can be used by friends and foe alike. This makes it possible to string some of these abilities together in order to traverse long distances in very little time. Furthermore, these ultimate abilities all run on very short cooldowns. This makes it even easier to consistently use them to move around.

You don’t have the synergy other squads do once the fighting begins, however you should have better equipment. This is due to how quickly you can move from one area of the map to the next, and also how many fights you can get yourself into. Once in a fight, these abilities can all be used to reposition both yourself and your squadmates. They also allow you to retreat from skirmishes quickly in case you are in a bad position.

Using this squad to maximum effect requires you to constantly have the advantage on your enemies. Fight from higher ground, with better loadouts, and you will quickly see yourself becoming the champions.


Although you can get a win with any composition, these are some of the most interesting Apex Legends has to offer. Using your best Legend is always a surefire way to do well, but if you need to shake things up, we hope these will provide some intriguing options.

Did we leave your favorite composition off the list? We’d love to know what your favorite Legend combination is! Leave a comment with your favorite to join the discussion.

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