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Moving on from the top lane, we journey into the jungle. Jungle has probably seen the most changes in the recent League of Legends patch, bringing tank junglers back into the meta, and making carry junglers carry even harder. With that said, let’s jump into it.


Hecarim | Top 5 junglers of League of Legends patch 9.8

With the arrival of patch 9.8, Hecarim has become the game’s premier jungler. He is capable of power farming, has insane gank potential, and can even tank damage. He is everything you could ask for in a jungler and more. When combined with Conqueror, Hecarim can out-sustain anyone, making it very easy for him to feign low health and bait people into dicey situations. He is capable of shredding people at just one item and doesn’t fall off until very late into the game. With the current trend of shorter matches due to the insane amounts of damage being thrown about, it becomes very rare that Hecarim finds himself in the late game, making him a pick that is essentially always online.

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Master Yi

Master Yi | Top 5 junglers of League of Legends patch 9.8

Patch 9.8 has brought a buff to the already rather powerful jungler. When he enters his ultimate, he now gains ghosting, allowing him to move through minions and make it a lot easier to catch out enemies. Unlike Hecarim, Master Yi doesn’t come online until 3 items. However, if he reaches 3 items, the game is essentially over. With Conqueror and the new Wit’s End, he becomes almost unkillable, whilst still being capable of 1v9ing with just his Alpha Strike.


Amumu | Top 5 junglers of League of Legends patch 9.8

Patch 9.8 has brought some very nice buffs to the sad mummy. His passive has been increased from 10 percent true damage to 13 percent, and his Q cooldown has been decreased and also follows enemy champions hit if he is mid-flight. You start by building the recently buffed Cinderhulk and Thornmail that do magic damage, which is then converted into true damage thanks to his passive. You then build into Abyssal Mask and Liandry’s Torment that provide an extra 25 percent magic damage, converted into true damage. This means you will be dealing 37 percent true damage off of your Cinderhulk and Thornmail, allowing you to passively shred enemies whilst still maintaining an incredibly tanky build.



My personal favorite jungler, Vi has been sitting pretty at the top of the tier list for a few patches now, and this patch is no different. Patch 9.8 bought an extra 5 percent damage dealt across the board for Vi, making her even better than she was before. She has a stacked kit that is incredibly good for ganking, and especially when combined with Hail of Blades, she can very quickly dish out insane amounts of damage. She is excellent after just a few items and quickly becomes capable of outboxing any champion in the game. Vi can swiftly turn the tides of a team fight with a well-timed ultimate. You can also build her with the more popular Aftershock, giving her that extra survivability in engages at the cost of some damage. If Aftershock is your preferred rune, you better start abusing it fast though, as it is planned to be nerfed next patch.



Everybody’s favorite waifu, despite Rek’sai’s recent nerfs targeting her late game, she is still incredibly powerful in the early game. Rek’sai has outrageous sustain and burst damage, allowing her to kill off anyone in her way. Thanks to her tunnels, her ganks are almost always successful as she is able to come from very unexpected angles, such as over Raptors for a quick tower dive. Once she gets going, Rek’sai can begin to traverse the map fast thanks to the number of tunnels she can create across the map. However, just like Aftershock, there are plans to nerf her next patch, so best to abuse this one whilst you still can.

Honorable Mention: Rammus



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