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Roaming on down from the jungle, we arrive at the bot lane. Bot lane hasn’t seen very many changes in the most recent League of Legends patch, apart from the Kai’Sa — sorry, I meant Stormrazor — buffs. With that said, let’s jump into it.


Draven bot laner

Draven is once again at the top of the meta, which is sure to put a smile on the faces of Draven mains everywhere. As for everyone else, it means a super bad time in lane. Draven is one of those champions who, when in the right hands, will absolutely body you. The only problem with picking him at the moment is the fact that he is countered by many of the current top ADC’s. So proceed with caution on this pick, as he isn’t the best champ to blind pick currently.


Vayne bot laner

For the past few patches, Vayne has been sitting pretty at the top of the ADC throne. With the arrival of 9.8, nothing has changed. Vayne is capable of dishing out insane amounts of damage at nearly all phases of the game. She comes online at just two items, those being Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo’s Rageblade, both of which synergise incredibly well with her. With just these two items, she gains great chase and survivability potential and can shred tanks. Once online, there is very little you can do to slow her down, as any attempts to kill her will most likely result in your own death. To learn more about Vayne, check out our article on her!


Ashe bot laner

Ashe is a very safe pick at the moment. With her great slows and team fight initiation, she is able to rather quickly turn the tides of a game. She has great damage with her Q and can rather easily win duels thanks to her passive allowing her to kite around enemies. Ashe also has a rather good auto attack range, out-ranging most other ADC’s in lane. This allows her to easily get off poke damage and force the enemy out of lane. Ashe is a great pick for anyone looking for an easier champ to gain some LP with while still making an impact on the game.


Jinx bot laner

Jinx has been getting stronger with each and every patch, and 9.8 has not changed this trend. She is capable of amassing incredible amounts of gold due to her passive. If she can land a single kill in lane, Jinx will almost be guaranteed to get a second, plus a few turret platings. She has incredible range and lockdown potential, which means that if the opponent makes a single misstep, she can fully capitalize on it and convert into kills. The best thing about Jinx, however, is the fact she requires very little skill. Almost anybody can pick up and use her with very little time investment. She is just so strong at the moment that she is very much a pick/ban in champ select.


Sona/Taric bot laner

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you have probably heard about this one. Sona-Taric has been taking the bot lane by storm with their insane late game team fighting and incredible burst potential. This is most definitely a combo that is best played with a duo partner. It requires good coordination to live through the early game, where they are at their weakest. If you manage to get through the laning phase without feeding, though, then you have essentially won the game. It’s so incredibly hard to shut down this duo once it gets going that you might as well just ff 20.

Honourable Mention: Sivir

Sivir bot laner

For our honorable mention, we have Sivir. Sivir is the perfect blind pick in the current metagame, with insane damage numbers and cc being thrown about like its nothing. Being able to stay safe is incredibly important, and staying safe is what Sivir does best. With a spell shield and incredible wave pushing potential, Sivir can almost never lose lane phase. She can just AFK push the wave and poke from afar with her W bounces. To top all this off, her damage is nothing to scoff at either, as a late game Sivir is capable of shredding you without so much as batting an eye.

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