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Moving on from the mid lane, we journey upward to the top lane. Top lane was one of the lanes most affected by the recent League of Legends patch, shifting the balance of power quite considerably. With that said, let’s jump into it.


Top 3 top laners for League of Legends patch 9.8

With the release of patch 9.8, Renekton is in a very good spot. With buffs to his attack speed growth and his Q, Renekton has the ability to out-sustain any duel or trade. In conjunction with a Spear of Shojin, Renekton can constantly proc his Q, giving him the ability to out-trade almost any top laner. This allows him to get a huge lead in the early game and completely steamroll all over the map.


Top 3 top laners for League of Legends patch 9.8

Following on from the Kayle nerfs, Riven has reclaimed her throne as queen of the top lane. She works well into any matchup, winning via pure skill or through item/level power spikes. Not only is she a great champ in general, but she works so well in conjunction with a multitude of items and runes. Everything just combines together to make one unstoppable force that, if given even an inch, will completely stomp you.


Top 3 top laners for League of Legends patch 9.8

With the latest patch, Jax has found himself in a very comfortable position. When taking the Conqueror rune, Jax is completely flipping reality on its head. He should be coming online in the late game, but even at one item, he is completely taking over games. He is an incredibly safe pick that works well at all stages of the game and only gets better as it progresses. Jax is one of those champions that is very much either pick him or ban him, lest you want to risk losing your precious LP.

Honorable Mention: Kayle

Despite the recent wave of nerfs to Kayle, she is still in a very good spot. She may not be able to feed early game and still 1v9 in the late game anymore, but in the right hands, she remains a formidable foe. The crit build no longer works very well on her; her standard attack speed/AP hybrid build works better these days. Despite these build changes, she still does insane damage in the late game, and as soon as she hits 11 or 16, the game is practically over for the enemy team.

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