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If you like tracking your opponent and then hunting them down in Valorant, then you should consider giving Skye a try. The newest Agent to the squad offers plenty of utility to any team and does a great job scouting out enemies and keeping them blind (literally). Skye has been out for several weeks now, and we’ve had plenty of chances to learn about her and find the most effective ways to play her. Here are some tips and tricks for Skye you can use to get the most out of the sassy Australian.

Skye abilities tips and tricks

Skye’s abilities all focus on assisting her teammates. Here are our tips for how you should use them.


This is Skye’s healing ability. She equips a healing device and can activate it to heal allies in her line of sight within a certain radius. It has a finite amount of healing, and she can unequip and reequip it as long as she has healing left.

Using this is very straightforward: if you have injured allies, heal them. Keep in mind that you can heal multiple allies at once. You cannot use regrowth to heal yourself, however, so don’t waste the resource trying.


Skye takes control of a Tasmanian Tiger and uses it to scout out enemies. The tiger can jump while moving and Skye can command it to leap at enemies and concuss them. Skye is vulnerable while controlling the tiger, so only use this ability from a safe spot.

You should primarily use this ability to scout for enemies. The tiger doesn’t have great vision, but you’ll still be able to tell if opponents are around if they shoot it down before you see them. If you do encounter anyone, concuss them and call them out to your teammates so they can push in.

Guiding Light

This is Skye’s blind, and if you’ve been hit with it, you know how annoying it is. Skye throws out a hawk that she can detonate to blind anyone in its line of sight. If Skye does blind someone, she will call out “blinded,” so you know.

First and foremost, be sure not to blind yourself or your teammates with this ability. Fire it around corners or through smoke to where you suspect your enemies will be hiding, and then detonate it. Listen for Skye to call out that she hit someone, and then move in. You can use Trailblazer to find where enemies are hiding before you throw your blind in as well.


This is Skye’s ultimate, and it’s one of the best tracking tools in the game. She sends out three Seekers that will find enemies and blind them if they aren’t killed.

Use this when pushing or defending a site to scout for where enemies are hiding. You can bait the Seekers as well, as enemies will try to destroy them to prevent the blind. Follow them in, find out where enemies are, and push them with the Seekers. Always be sure to inform your team of your plan so they can follow up as well.

Skye is a great Agent to play in Valorant, so be sure to try her out for yourself and get a feel for her abilities. Just be sure not to blind your teammates too much!

Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks for Skye in the comments below!