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The NFL prediction curse reputation of streamer and Complexity member Timothy “TimTheTatman” John Betar is growing more real with every passing week.

In the past, the streamer has been known to make predictions involving the sports world. From the UFC to the NFL, Tim often tweets a prediction of who he believes will win a particular game/match. Somehow, some way, those predictions are almost always the opposite of what ends up happening. While the streamer has been clowned for having wrong predictions before, the “curse of TimTheTatman” became a true reality Sunday as he absolutely destroyed any chance the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers had of making a Super Bowl.

TimTheTatman dooms fans of any NFL team he picks to win

The NFL Championship Weekend took place Sunday, with the Cincinnati Bengals facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC and San Francisco 49ers playing the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC. Tim once again made two predictions, and the first one seemed like a safe pick entering the matchup: In the AFC, the Chiefs were the heavy favorite as the reigning conference champions. They were playing a Bengals team who hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since 1988, and Kansas City was favored at most sports books by a touchdown.

Tim decided to predict that the Chiefs would defeat the Bengals. He even said on Twitter that he was going to prove he was not a jinx when it comes to sports picks. This came after the week prior where he picked two teams to win that ended up losing.

After one half of the Chiefs/Bengals game, Tim seemed to finally get a prediction right. Kansas City was up 21-3 and looked to be cruising on their way to a third straight Super Bowl. However, during the second half, the Chiefs began to fall apart almost as if a curse started to take shape. Pro Bowl quarterback Patrick Mahomes started throwing interceptions, taking horrible sacks and allowed the Bengals to claw their way back into the game.

Eventually, the game went into overtime. The Chiefs got the ball first and needed a touchdown to win. Almost instantly though, Patrick Mahomes threw another uncharacteristic interception. It was at this point that TimTheTatman’s followers started to truly believe in his jinxing powers. The Bengals used the interception to kick a field goal and win the game, advancing them to the Super Bowl for the first time in 34 years.

That game was the pinnacle of Tim’s incorrect predictions thus far. However, it continued on when the LA Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers a few hours later, also going against Tim’s predictions for the weekend. Tim also stated multiple times that the 49ers would go to the Super Bowl prior to making his prediction today.

Whether it’s a string of horrible luck or a true jinx, TimTheTatman has an uncanny ability to pick the opposite of what ends up occurring in the sports world, especially the NFL. Fans of any sports team now just hope that Tim never picks their favorite team to win or hope that his fortune turns around.

The streamer is already asking for some advice from others who have been the source of sports slumps in the past.

“As someone who has struggled with sports curses in the past may I ask how did you overcome it?” Tim tweeted to rapper Drake, who is known for dooming teams by wearing their jerseys (save his beloved Toronto Raptors_. “Asking for a friend.”

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