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Pokémon UNITE has been out for a little over two weeks now and players are starting to get a hang of the game-flow. As players try to make the climb to Pokémon UNITE Master rank, they may need some help along the way. Here are three big tips that Upcomer’s Master ranked Pokémon UNITE player Warren Younger learned on his way to becoming a Pokémon UNITE master.

Pokémon UNITE Master Tip 1: Drednaw over everything

On the map there are two main objectives. One is on the top side of the map the other is on the bottom. Both of these objectives advance the game state but in different ways. The top objective is Rotom which when killed helps the that team push the top lane better. The other objective is Drednaw which grants the team that kills it a huge EXP boost as well as a shield. In the current meta game, Drednaw is the better of the two and its not even close.

In a typical game, all the outer goals on both sides will be gone before the inevitable fight over Zapdos. This means the first Rotom is not that strong because all its doing is taking down the first outer goal. Drednaw, on the other hand, is way more important because getting a level advantage over the opponent and a shield can allow for players to take the outer goals through sheer advantage.

When the first Drednaw appears, even if a player is on the top side of the map, they should rotate towards Drednaw. Even if it means losing early points, go for Drednaw anyway. Those points can be made up later with an aggressive push using your buffs. The team that secures the first Drednaw will be way stronger than the team that doesn’t. It will also allow teams to be at an advantage for future Drednaws and Rotoms as well.

Master Tip 2: Use UNITE moves liberally, but only until three minutes are left

UNITE moves are very powerful tools that allow players to turn the tides of fights and skirmishes. In this game, players should aim to use this move whenever its up as there is almost always a chance to secure objectives and goals around the map.

UNITE moves are also good when used defensively. If the other team is attempting to take a goal, using a UNITE move is a fantastic deterrent. In many cases it will make the enemy retreat. They are even better when held items are in play. For example, Buddy Barrier states whenever a player uses a UNITE move, they and the lowest health ally gains a shield. If a fight turns sour, the extra shield from Buddy Barrier combined with the actual UNITE move will often result in a win if used correctly.

Once the three minutes left mark hits in the game, players should not use their UNITE moves anymore. This is to ensure that players have their UNITE move for the fight over Zapdos, which will often make or break a match.

Master Tip 3: Do not start Zapdos unless needed

When eight minutes pass in a standard Pokemon UNITE match, the final boss Zapdos appears. At this time, the game will let players know who is in the lead and who is behind. Zapdos is such a polarizing objective; it allows teams that have been losing the entire game to come back and win at the last second. Because of this, players should actually play to not lose instead of playing to win. What this means is that the team that’s ahead going into the last two minutes should be playing only defense.

The burden is on the losing team to take and force Zapdos. Because of this, often times the enemy team has to have their entire focus on either making a risky play to try to get a pick or to put all of their attention onto Zapdos. This is dangerous for the desperate team because securing Zapdos is very hard due to the amount of damage and mobility UNITE moves give the player. Even doing Zapdos in a 4v2 situation is risky since a random Cinderace UNITE Move can steal the Zapdos and shut down any comeback.

The proper way to play defense on the winning squad is to bush camp around Zapdos and stay relatively grouped. No matter what, the losing team is going to have to go into the pit at some point. If a player is on the losing team, unless they can get an ace, they are just going to have to coinflip against a coordinated team while forcing Zapdos. Players in this situation should hold their burst damage moves along with their UNITE move until the last possible second kind of like the Smite summoner spell in League of Legends.