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Duality Dragon Volibear
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Three strong new comps to play on TFT Patch 12.12

Buffs, reworks and nerfs have shaken up the ranked TFT meta

TFT Patch 12.12 was released on June 22, targeting some powerful compositions that were dominating the meta, like Olaf, Ezreal and Sett, with big nerfs. Thanks to some other buffs and reworks, however, new comps have emerged to claim the top spots of TFT Patch 12.12. If you’re looking to climb to higher ranks, consider giving one of these three comps a try.

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Corki Cannoneer

Cannoneer Corki
An example Level 8 Cannoneer Corki board. | Provided by

The first of the new TFT Patch 12.12 comps is actually not new at all. Corki has been underperforming since the release of Set 7, but that’s all changing now. The Revel/Cannoneer received a small buff to his ability’s targeting; that alone didn’t propel this comp into the top of the meta, but combined with the number of nerfs directed at Corki’s competitors, Corki came out on top.

Playing Corki is relatively simple; you’ll want to play Cannoneers early on, ideally getting Tristana and Heimerdinger or Lulu in early to start feeding snacks to your Nomsy. Later on, pivot to Corki and put your tank items on an Ornn if possible. Extra damage items can go on Sona, Tristana or Jinx.

Legend Volibear

Legend Volibear
An example Level 9 Legend Volibear board. | Provided by

One brand new comp that’s sweeping through the high level TFT Patch 12.12 meta is Legend Volibear. Substantial buffs to Anivia, Volibear and the Legend trait have turned this comp from zero to hero.

This board is reliant on hitting some early Volibear or Anivia units. Volibear is definitely the main carry here, but Anivia is great for holding onto any Ability Power items you find. Best-in-slot items for Volibear are Quicksilver, Guinsoo’s Rageblade plus one more (Bloodthirster and Giant Slayer are strong options.)

The 6 Jade trait gives Volibear even more healing and Attack Speed. You’ll also want to fit 3 Dragonmancer for extra health and AP for Volibear.

The hardest part of the comp is positioning; you want to make sure your Legend units aren’t consuming other important units, while still making the most of your Jade statue placements. This can get pretty confusing but, when in doubt, just make sure that Volibear, Ornn and Anivia are all touching a Jade statue.

Mirage Daeja

Daeja comp
An example Level 8 Daeja board. | Provided by

One of the strongest comps in TFT right now is Mirage Daeja. Thankfully, it’s also one of the most simple ones to play; the most important part of this board is finding Daeja. You can carry any number of units in the meantime, especially ones that use the Daeja items well, like Ezreal, Ashe, Senna or Nidalee. Once you find Daeja, make sure to play as many Mirage units as possible.

The important thing to note about this comp is that it is highly reliant on a good Mirage trait. Some of these, like Pirate’s Greed, will make this board substantially weaker. That’s not to say you can’t play Daeja with any Mirage, just that some are stronger than others and your items can vary depending on which variation is active. As a general rule, any Attack Speed or Ability Power items are great on Daeja.

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