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With the new update for Teamfight Tactics finally hitting the PBE servers, players may be left wondering what comps are good and fun to use now. Here are three TFT PBE Comps that are a mix of both.

Mystic/Knight Gwen

Gwen Comp
Gwen Comp. Image provided by Riot Games

Players familiar with Neeko and Cass carries from previous sets will love this one. This comp has insane sustain due to every unit being Knight, Mystic, or Ironclad. With a severe lack of damage historically, Gwen is here to save the day! Gwen being a legendary mystic fits perfectly in the comp synergy-wise. Her other synergy, Inanimate, gives the team even more resistances. But the real reason why this comp is viable if because of Gwen’s ability Skip N’ Slash.

Skip N’ Slash allows Gwen to dash around the arena and tear enemies apart with big time damage while also stealing armor and magic resist in the process. The best part of this ability is that it only costs 20 mana. Blue Buff is a godsend on her. Players will probably want to build Gunblade for healing and Jeweled Guantlet for more damage. Tank items can just go on the front line units.

Draconic 2.0

TFT PBE Comp - Draconic
TFT PBE Comp – Draconic. Image provided by Riot Games

Draconic has been one of the fan favorite comps throughout set five and in the new update, they get a couple of neat upgrades. Not only is Galio a Sentinel/Knight, but he’s also a Draconic unit! This is huge for the comp as it allows players to access the five draconic bonus much easier. Instead of needing to hit a Heimerdinger to get it online, Galio is easily avaliable at level seven since he’s only a four-cost unit. Besides being a synergy bot, Galio is also a fantastic front line that can buy a ton of time for the carry of this comp, Ashe.

Ashe, Zyra, and Sett have all taken turns being the main carry of the comp, since getting each to three-star is easy with all the Draconic eggs. But with the introduction of Akshan, making Ashe the primary carry makes more sense. Ashe can provide double duty of being a fantastic CC option with her Echanted Arrow ability, while also bringing raw damage, especially with the attack speed ranger buff.

Akshan can then swoop in late game to be the secondary carry the comp has been missing. The usual suspects of Ivern and Volibear round out the balanced comp and Garen is a fantastic option to compliment Galio.


TFT PBE Comp - Cannoneer
TFT PBE Comp – Cannoneer. Image provided by Riot Games

This comp utilizes the two brand new traits in TFT set 5.5 with Sentinels and Cannoneer. In this particular variant, players will want to go deep into the Cannoneer trait instead of the Sentinel trait. This is to maximize on damage instead of survivability. The goal with this comp is to win fights super fast.

Lucian is back and is a copy of his set two version. He comes in with his The Culling ability. With the Sentinel and Cannoneer traits, Lucian is the perfect carry in this comp. Players are going to want to maximize on attack damage, healing, and attack speed on the cannoneer units. Lucian takes priority but after that, look to put similar items on the rest of the cannoneers.

As for the supporting cast, Pyke activates the Sentinel synergy while also providing good CC. Garen and Thresh provide decent frontline. Lulu plays a big role as she gets the Hellion bonus with Tristana and her ability is very good at giving the Cannoneers even more attack speed.

Stay tuned for even more TFT PBE Comps in the coming days!