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After a tournament full of competitive rulings against teams from Brazil at VALORANT Champions, the region’s fans have turned their ire on Sentinels’ player Jared “zombs” Gitlin after a series of tweets from him on Saturday. The beef started after his teammate, Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khanmade, made a joke on Twitter referencing the technical pause a tournament official called in Sentinels’ match against FURIA Esports a few days earlier after Gambit Esports won their game against Team Vikings. The Brazilian squad lost the map while on match point for several rounds.

“Should have called a tech pause,” ShahZaM tweeted.

In Sentinels’ match against FURIA, a tournament official called a tech pause at 10-12. The Brazilians had been winning a streak of rounds, trying to send the map into overtime. The 15-minute pause caused FURIA to lose their momentum and Sentinels took the round right after play resumed, winning the series. ShahZaM joked that Vikings should have done the same thing to Gambit as the Russians came back and eventually defeated the Brazilians in overtime.

Brazilian influencers and commentators jumped on the joke, saying it was in poor taste. ShahZaM doubled down that the post was not confrontational in nature.

“Your joke antagonizes an entire region/country and fuels an already shitty situation. We should be the grown ups in the room,” Brazilian commentator Gustavo “Melão” Ruzza said in response.

Zombs then jumped into the fray with a tweet of his own that drew thousands of quote retweets and responses.

“Can’t wait to beat your s*** region again,” zombs said.

Even FURIA investor and co-CEO André Akkari replied on Twitter, asking for a punishment for zombs’ post.

“As co-CEO of FURIA Esports and as a Brazilian I truly would like to see this kind of behavior be punished accordingly,” Akkari posted on Twitter. “It can not happen! Esports is about respect, passion, love. Disrespect 220 million people, a lot of them living in poverty is unacceptable.”

Zombs continued to make light of the situation as fans from Brazil called for his head and demanded an apology. After his loss against Team Liquid, the Sentinels player went to Twitter again.

“Brazil needs to do less typing, more playing,” he said.

Brazilian fans are known as devoted and passionate when it comes to their teams, esports or otherwise. The region got #justiceforkeyd trending No. 1 on Twitter after Vivo Keyd lost their match against Acend due to a competitive ruling from tournament officials. The team ultimately revisited the ruling and had the two teams replay the final map.

Riot Games has not responded to Brazilian fans’ cries for a punishment levied at zombs. Sentinels and zombs could play against Brazilian side FURIA again in the lower bracket if they beat KRÜ Esports Sunday.

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