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Fortnite is more than just a game. It’s a home, a means to connect with friends and a way to brag about whatever items you can unlock and purchase. The best way to get the most stuff? Level up the Battle Pass. Here are some of the best tips players will find in earning extra Fortnite Season 8 XP.

Every season of Fortnite sees dozens of new cosmetics come to the battle royale through the Battle Pass. New skins, back blings, gliders and other items can be unlocked by getting up to level 100. Extra rewards, including special silver and gold versions of each skin, can be unlocked after passing that level.

This guide will provide all sorts of useful methods for fans to grab extra levels and get ahead of their friends in every season of Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative is the key

Grinding levels by playing matches all day and earning a minuscule amount of experience is one way to go about it, but there is an easier way. You can gain one to two levels by going AFK in, or playing, Fortnite Creative for a couple of hours. Fortnite Creative grants thousands of XP every 15 minutes when playing and players just need to stand in a hub world for a little while. This method is perfect for getting a couple extra levels once they’re done playing for the day.

Fortnite Creative XP
It’s easy to just sit, enjoy the view and rack up the XP. | Provided by Epic Games

You can also double up with this method by playing Fortnite Creative instead of just going AFK. There have been special challenges, like getting kills from 150 meters away or landing headshots, that stack in previous seasons. Players could get 16,000 XP by landing 50 headshots, for example. There are plenty of Creative modes where players can aim for specific challenges like those.

It’s not yet clear whether these challenges will be present in Season 8 but they could be another way to level up.

Fortnite Season 8 XP is all about the punchcards and NPCs

Fortnite has had punchcards in the past but they’ve never been like this. The main way to gain XP is to talk to and get quests from various NPCs around the map. NPCs have been in the game for a long time, but they’re not the only way to gain XP. Players have had separate daily quests, weekly challenges and tasks with longer tails that would take almost a month to complete. Some of these other types of challenges could come back, but that’s not currently known.

Fortnite Season 8 punchcards
Season 8’s punchcard’s have been met with disappointed from fans. | Provided by Epic Games

Punchcards in Season 8 have characters give players five consecutive challenges, each worth 2,000 XP more than the previous. The first four tasks are usually easy, like picking up a shotgun at Steamy Stacks. The last challenge is usually a bit harder.

Use Fortnite Impostors

Fortnite introduced a carbon copy of Among Us called Impostors last month. Players play a game of deception, with a group trying to find out who the impostor is. The impostor works to kill off the rest of the group. The mode currently nets players around 10,000 XP per match after a recent nerf. It gave players upwards of 20,000 XP before the update.

Despite the change, Fortnite Impostors still the most effective way to earn Fortnite Season 8 XP until Epic Games introduces the changes they’ve announced.

Why level up past level 100?

Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Pass has original awards up to level 100. Additional styles — including silver, gold and rainbow foil styles — are available up to level 200. They serve as a special bragging right when you strut around on the island glowing like a rainbow. These rewards can be viewed in the “Bonus Reward” section, although they are still hidden right now.

Getting all the way to 200 is a grind, though. Epic Games has made it tougher in Season 8 by taking away some ways to get XP. Hopefully those methods, including normal daily challenges and standard punchcard challenges, will come back.

Interested players should keep this post bookmarked as it will be regularly updated with new info.