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On Tuesday, April 27, the new Teamfight Tactics expansion finally released, and players are excited to try out new comps. However, some may be lost when it comes to the question of what to play. Here are three strong but easy-to-play comps that can give players an early edge in the first few days of the TFT: Reckoning climb.

TFT: Reckoning — Legionnaire Draven

TFT Reckoning Draven Comp
Draven is back and ready to throw his axes hard and fast. | Provided by Warren Younger using TFTactics.gg team builder tool

Draven is back in black. Returning after a four set absence, Draven is here to kill units really fast and hit really hard. The goal with this comp is to collect a bunch of champions with the Legionnaire trait and eventually build up Draven as the main carry threat. At the six Legionnaire trait bonus, Draven will have a 150% bonus attack speed and will heal for 50% of damage dealt on each auto after every time he casts Spinning Axes.

This Draven has built-in life steal in the Legionnaire trait, so building an item like Bloodthirster isn’t necessary. Instead, players should look to build Guardian Angel as their survivability items in order to protect Draven from getting bursted by any of the mages. Also, thanks to the attack speed bonus, items like Rageblade aren’t needed either. Players should focus on maximizing damage with Infinity Edge or Deathblade. Runaan’s Untamed Hurricane is a fantastic choice which allows Draven to kill multiple units at once.

Draven’s supporting cast consists of other Legionnaire champions with some additional CC. Rell is one of the strongest frontline champions in the game that can shield her allies and stun enemy teams at the same time. Diana is the premier backline disruption champion in TFT:Reckoning as well. Mordekaiser and Kayle can play the secondary carry role very well.

TFT: Reckoning — Skirmisher Jax

TFT Reckoning Jax comp
Jax is the carry in this TFT Reckoning comp; the Skirmisher supporting cast helps buy time for him to mop up. | Provided by Warren Younger using TFTactics.gg team builder tool

This comp is similar to the Draven comp when it comes to how it’s built. In TFT:Reckoning, players must collect the Skirmisher units. The end goal is to have Jax function as the primary carry. Jax, in this set, packs his Empowered Strike ability. For only 20 mana, Jax slams his target for a percentage of his Attack Damage and gains stacking attack speed. Because of this, Jax doesn’t need Rageblade like Draven. Also like Draven, Jax can use Runaan’s Untamed Hurricane well, giving him the ability to kill multiple champions at the same time.

Jax and Draven differ in so far as what their trait gives them. Draven’s trait gives him attack speed and lifesteal, so he needs damage. However, Jax’s trait gives him scaling attack damage but no life steal. This means that players should build Bloodthirster as the primary item on Jax. Due to Jax being a melee unit, players will also want to build an item like Rapid-fire Cannon or Quicksilver Sash to prevent Jax from getting CC’d easily.

The rest of the comp is simple. Since the comp calls for six Skirmsihers, players should start to collect those champions early. Kennen is actually a fantastic skirmisher, due to his powerful CC ability that can buy Jax ample time. Morellonomicon is optimal on Kennen to cut healing. Darius and Rell round out the eight champion composition by providing some walls in front of Jax. Darius shreds armor, which helps Jax kill champions faster.

TFT:Reckoning — Redeemed/Spellweaver Vel’koz

TFT Reckoning Vel'Koz comp
Vel’Koz is the main carry in this comp in TFT Reckoning. Surround it with good supports and watch it go brrrr. | Provided by Warren Younger using TFTactics.gg team builder tool

Instead of going deep into a trait tree, this comp goes in a different direction. Players are simply looking to use multiple traits to benefit one hyper carry. In this comp, instead of focusing on raw attack damage, players will use magic damage to delete teams instantly with Vel’Koz.

Vel’Koz functions much like its Set 3 self; its the same cost champion with a similar ability. With Plasma Fission, Vel’Koz shoots a beam that lasts for three seconds at the champion nearest to the center of the battlefield. The beam widens with time and hits everything in its path. If the champion it was targeting dies, and if time permits, Vel’Koz will move the beam towards the next closest enemy. Just like Aurelion Sol in Set 4, players are going to want to maximize damage with some survivability.

The premier magic damage item in TFT, for a while now, has been Jeweled Gauntlet. With Set 5’s shadow items, a new and improved Jeweled Gauntlet has appeared. This new Sacrificial Gauntlet does even more damage at the cost of the wearer taking damage every time they cast. However, this drawback isn’t an issue, as the premier defensive item on mages is Hextech Gunblade. Gunblade heals the wearer for 50% of the damage dealt by the wearer’s ability. This means that Vel’Koz will constantly be around full health at the end of every cast unless it gets bursted or CC’d. To round out the item slot, Vel’Koz is going to need some mana generation. Spear of Shojin does that job perfectly.

When it comes to the supporting cast in TFT:Reckoning, Vel’Koz draws support from a wide array of different champions. Vel’Koz wants to activate its Redeemed trait, which gives Vel’Koz bonus stats. To activate this trait, players should throw in some redeemed champions like Lux and Rell. To help Vel’Koz deal even more damage, throwing in another Spellweaver, like Zyra, gives Vel’Koz more spell power the longer the fight goes on. Ivern and Karma give Vel’Koz access to even more mana generation through the Invoked trait too. Finally, some front line with the knight pair of Garen and Nautilus will buy time for Vel’Koz to disintegrate entire teams.