The top five maps of the Overwatch 2 beta
Overwatch 2 Circuit Royal
Overwatch 2 Circuit Royal | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

The top five maps of the Overwatch 2 beta

New maps become the best in the Overwatch 2 beta

Four new maps are available in  the Overwatch 2 beta, along with the new game mode Push replacing Assault, old and new maps have changed for 5v5. With changes, small to large, here are the best so far.

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The top five maps in the beta

Starting with the fifth-best going down to the best, we start with one of the new maps introduced in the beta.

Circuit Royal keeps great elements of escort maps

The new map of Circuit Royal, set in Monte Carlo, is designed to fit 5v5 more than older escort maps are. Not only does the map look great, but its design takes great elements from previous maps into a brand new one. The first stretch is similar to Dorado, but with less high ground for the defense to work with. Then, the second stretch has a tall road to climb, with plenty of flanks for attackers but a strong high ground for defenders. Last but not least, a Route 66-esque third point caps off Circuit Royal.

Considering this was the only new escort map, it was less frustrating and more enjoyable than other escort maps. Whether that’s just because of its new sheen, it is the fifth-best map right now.

Ilios remains a diverse and fun map

Out of all the control maps in Overwatch, Ilios always a standard for how different each section plays. The well section is known for the chasm in the middle, allowing for boop-focused compositions to run rampant but also allowing Pharah and Echo players to run wild. The ruins section allows long-range hitscan to dominate, known for the Widowmaker and Cassidy highlights. Last but not least, Lighthouse is great for brawls but had a chasm surrounding the point that allows Lucios to get value. None of that changed for 5v5, which meant that Ilios remained a great map.

Arguably, with the tank changes and CC limitations, the frustrating things on Ilios’ maps are essentially gone now. No more Orisa pulls on well, for example. This puts Ilios as a top control map in Overwatch 2.

New Queen Street brings a new flavor to Overwatch

Another new map to Overwatch 2, New Queen Street’s layout is what makes it stand out in 5v5. Along with the new Push game mode, the snake-like progression for both teams allows for both long-range and close-range fights. Even with that design, the spawn distance and chokes feel fair and fun to play.

A middle section of Push map New Queen Street from Overwatch 2.
A middle section of Push map New Queen Street from Overwatch 2. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

While not the best Push map, New Queen Street is not only a great map but a great replacement for the Assault maps we lost.

Kings Row remains a staple Overwatch map

What more can you say about the map that has everything? Well-designed choke points, the ability to play almost any hero to success, and how different each section plays. Much like how Ilios was a great example of a good control map, Kings Row is the hybrid standard. Even without the two tanks that made it shine, Kings Row still holds up in 5v5 thanks to its original versatility.

No surprise here, Kings Row is still one of the best Overwatch 2 maps. But, it isn’t the best one in the beta.

Colosseo starts as the best Push map

Where New Queen Street brings an interesting design for future maps, Colosseo feels like a perfect Push map. The way that the Colosseum holds the robot, allowing both teams to travel through it before having to wind through Roman streets is so fun to play with. The constant flanking positions through buildings or side streets can lead to many 1v1s, but also unexpected team fights. The bot’s path itself starts as a U-shape but then transforms into a close-quarters brawl close to both spawns.

One of the spawn areas in the new Overwatch 2 map Colosseo.
One of the spawn areas in the new Overwatch 2 map Colosseo. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

Out of the two Push maps and how they felt in 5v5, Colosseo was the best map. Not only that, it is the best out of all maps in the Overwatch 2 beta.

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