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If you have played any amount of Teamfight Tactics recently, you have probably been unpleasantly surprised by a certain noise. Silverwing, one of the Little Legends, can produce a strange yapping sound on cue. If you think it’s annoying, you are not alone.

Little Legend, big noise

For those who don’t know, the Little Legends are the cute creatures that walk around on the board during a match. They are Teamfight Tactics’ player avatars. They are primarily decorative, except on carousel rounds when players use them to grab their desired champions.

Little Legends have strangely been one of the only controversial elements of the game since its reveal. Many players felt that the original monetization principles behind them were exploitative. Those concerns pale in comparison with the current crisis, which is Silverwing making a strange noise.

riot nerf silverwing screech pls from TeamfightTactics

Jokes aside, the sound is very off-putting. Worse yet, it is abusable. Players can make Silverwing repeatedly produce a sound which one could described as a rusty hinge possessed by the ghost of a weasel. And more often than not, they are doing it deliberately. “I only picked it because I wanted to annoy people and make them suffer,” Reddit user PokeThePotatoo stated in one of the many Silverwing meme posts on the site.

Nerf Silverwing?

The Teamfight Tactics community may be enjoying the memes for now, but the sound is objectively unpleasant. Some are even suggesting Riot should fix the issue, either by limiting or completely removing Silverwing’s ability to yap.

It’s tough to say if Riot will do anything about it. After all, it doesn’t seem to be an actual bug, and it doesn’t really impact gameplay — unless you count psychological warfare. Plus, all Little Legends deserve to exist with their natural, and sometimes weird, features intact.

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