The Rundown: Lost Ark Assassin Edition
Assassin Class Lost Ark
Assassins in Lost Ark are all about DPS | Provided by Smilegate

The Rundown: Lost Ark Assassin Edition

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Welcome to The Rundown series, where I provide the key identity of each class that players may find fun or interesting. This one focuses on the Assassin classes in Lost Ark.

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Yes, it is true that not all Lost Ark classes are created equal. Some are naturally more efficient and, if your goal as a player is to pick the highest performing, there are certain classes you should prioritize over others. With that being said, if you ask the question “what is the best class in Lost Ark?” the wisest answer is “whatever is the most fun.” Even with Smilegate streamlining the enhancement process, the optimization grind for items in Lost Ark is a grueling process. How nihilistic would it all feel when you have spent all that time strengthening the class, only to realize that you’re really not enjoying its mechanics?

With that being said, this article is not for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each class. Instead, I will focus on what I think the unique flair of the classes is while listing positive class-defining features. Due to their sheer number, I will divide them according to their big, five categories: Warrior, Martial Artist, Hunter, Mage, Assassin.

Here is my rundown of the two Lost Ark Assassin classes: Shadowhunter and Deathblade


Shadowhunter can turn into a demon with her Identity skill. | Provided by Smilegate

I think Shadowhunter is one of the most misleading localization choices made by the English team. Her Korean class name, Demonic, does far more justice to the unique traits of Shadowhunter. After her Identity gauge is full, she can temporarily transform into a demon and go on a rampage. Since transformation characters do not rely on items in comparison to others, this makes Shadowhunter one of the best early to mid-game DPS classes in the game. If these things are interesting to you, give her a try!


Lost Ark Class Deathblade
Deathblade is one of the most beloved classes in Lost Ark. | Provided by Smilegate

Deathblade is closer to a fighter than an assassin since she has a very high consistent DPS ceiling while having impressive mobility. As Deathblade, you will dance around the arena, constantly proccing back attacks while charging up for Soul-based spells that deal devastating damage. Deathblade’s flexibility and high DPS cap cause her to be a very popular character among players in the late game. If you like the high-mobility, aggressive melee playstyle and have the patience to develop her gear, Deathblade is the class for you.

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