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A recent report by GGRecon revealed that the start date of Overwatch League’s 2022 season could possibly be delayed by several months. Previously, seasons have begun in the first half of the year. The offseason extension would see the 2022 Overwatch League season begin in the fall.

This schedule adjustment, according to the report, is so the next season can be played on Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 does not have a concrete release date. However, if accurate, the schedule change could point to a 2022 release.

A possible extended offseason

The potential Overwatch League extended offseason, according to the report, is unrelated to the lawsuit currently facing Activision Blizzard. This means that it is also unrelated to the recent news of major sponsors pulling out of the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues.

Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector released a statement on Twitter refuting the rumor. He wrote that the league “[has] not set nor communicated dates about [their] 2022 season yet.” The original report stipulated that teams have already been informed of the change and are looking to make roster changes accordingly. Spector also wrote that a “year-long hiatus” is not currently being considered. Notably, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of an extended offseason.

“Nothing to say right now other than what Jon put out already,” The Overwatch League stated when approached for comment. “The story is wrong and was reporter [sic] irresponsibly.”

Exactly how Overwatch 2 will affect the competitive scene remains a mystery. The shift to 5v5 and the removal of one tank will likely be the most drastic change. Teams will have to reevaluate the way they build their rosters, as well as which roles to invest in most heavily.