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Wizards of the Coast have just announced on their Twitter page The One Ring has been found. This serialized one-of-a-kind card has had fans all over the world scrambling to buy collectors packs in the hope of drawing The One Ring. Here’s what we know so far.

The One Ring

According to the post by MTG, “a new Ring-bearer [is] in possession of the serialized” One Ring.

There’s no announcement on who has drawn the card or where in the world it was found. The comments on Twitter have been coming in with mixed reviews. Some fans are begging to “please never do this again”, whilst others are calling for this to “please [happen] again in future.”

Regardless of whether players enjoyed this heart-stopping experience, many collectors are thankful. Now that the One Ring has been found, the cost of collectors packs are likely to drop. Online stores such as ebay have been selling packs for around $500 USD. The drop in price will open up for collectors to gain other serialized and rare cards.

The One Ring serialized card has also been confirmed and graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator. This card is estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

Continuing your journey into Middle Earth

Whether you’re sad that The One Ring is not yours, or breathing a sigh of relief, there’s still plenty of fun for the MTG × Lord of the Rings set. Players can craft their own decks, collect commander decks, and hunt for other rare and serialized cards.

Check out our run down on how to use The One Ring. Yes there’s only one serialized One Ring, but there are three other One Ring card types that players can draw from packs.

There’s still hope to bear the ring and save Middle Earth. Godspeed on your magical adventures. Remember, the Lord of the Rings set is available on Magic: The Gathering Arena, as well as tabletop.

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