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VALORANT developer Riot Games revealed that the release of the game’s highly anticipated 17th Agent has been delayed by two weeks, following the release of the next Act, which likely begins Nov. 2.

The article, which was originally released in Arabic, has since been taken down on VALORANT’s website. It is still available on the Chinese VALORANT website at the time of publication.

The next Agent, rumored to be called “Deadeye,” will likely release sometime around Nov. 16, in line with the new dates. While we do not have a clear idea as to the identity of the character, the next Agent will be a Sentinel with a focus on gunplay.

The next Agent will likely be revealed tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 29, according to John Gosicki, the VALORANT character producer at Riot Games.

The original article, which is yet to be released in English, states that the “clarity of the gameplay” was the main problem with the Agent, which led to the delay.

The newest Agent in VALORANT has been teased for some time, with Riot Games continuing to release teasers on social media over the past few days. The latest post, which was uploaded earlier today, featured a look at Deadeye’s supposed weaponry.

There was also some form of business card in the middle of the weapons, which could be a symbol related to Deadeye. But this remains speculation.

The next Agent will not be played at Champions, the biggest VALORANT tournament of the year. This is because there are no major events between Champions and the LCQ, the latter of which is prior to the release of the Agent. But the new map Fracture will be playable at the event.

This isn’t the first time an Agent’s release has been delayed by Riot Games. In October of 2020, the developers revealed that Skye would be delayed by two weeks after the start of Act III. “Delaying the release of a new Agent allows us to better handle any issues that might emerge when launching alongside Patch 1.10,” Communication Associate Jeff Landa said in the blog post.