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The Rise of the Elements set of Teamfight Tactics launches tomorrow, and with it comes a new set-long battle pass! The rewards have been improved, and it has several more changes to make the new event pass more friendly towards the more casual player. It’s important to note that the current event pass will remain free for everyone. However, an additional paid pass is also being considered, according to a recent tweet by developer Riot Mort.

The rewards of the new event pass

As stated in the blog post announcing the Rise of the Elements pass, the quality of the rewards players can earn has been improved. The community has been relentless in creating memes and jokes surrounding the past summoner icon rewards, and the developers have taken notice. This edition of the pass will not have any summoner icons available as rewards for playing.

In place of the summoner icons, however, are more of the popular rewards. Players can unlock four new map chromas, based on the four elements of the new Set, through the pass. Inferno, Mountain, Ocean, and Cloud will each receive a unique map chroma this time around. In addition to the map chromas, there will be two little legend eggs at the end of this set’s event pass. You can earn a set 1 egg and a set 1-3 rare egg this time around.

Appealing to the casual audience of Teamfight Tactics

Several important changes are coming with this update, mainly appealing to the more casual audience of Teamfight Tactics. The Orb of Enlightenment previously required 5 games a day for the maximum amount of progress. However, with the upcoming update, it will now only be reset once every 3 days. This change is made in an attempt to allow players who are unable to play Teamfight Tactics on a daily basis to still make the progress required for the last rewards.

In addition to these changes, the available missions to progress the event pass have seen an update. It is now possible that the missions of a specific week will be larger. However, there will be fewer different missions to be completed. An example of these larger missions could be to earn a total of 1000 or 1500 gold throughout a week.

Rise of the Elements is expected to launch with tomorrow’s game update. For more League of Legends content, be sure to check out our recent coverage of the viewership records broken during last weekend’s world championship matches.

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