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After going down 12-4, DRX came back to win Ascent against Furia 16-14 at VALORANT Champions 2022. Fans couldn’t help but react to the big comeback. This loss is another example of the 9-3 curse, Furia being the recipient this time. Furia’s inability to close out map point nine separate times led to much discussion both in the series and out of it.

DRX win the needed eight rounds in a row

To put it simply, Ascent looked like a great map for Furia when DRX was attacking. The team seemed to counter everything DRX was throwing at them. From quick engages, to slow takes of either site or mid, Furia had it under control. DRX didn’t even win their first map until they were 8-0 down.

On DRX’s side, they had many underperformers on the attack, most notably Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul on Jett. Heading into the half with a 5/14/3 stat line and only one teammate with a positive kill/death ratio, DRX needed a big change on defence down 3-9.

After losing three out of the first four rounds, Furia got map point at 12-4, round 16 of the map. Yet, on every single gun round afterwards, DRX regained control of the map and series. Off of aggressive plays from BuZz, who got 15 kills on defence, DRX took the map to overtime and kept the pace up.

Despite the three overtimes needed, DRX were in the driver’s seat with that massive comeback, winning the map 16-14.

Fans and players react to DRX on Ascent

One of the funniest tweets involving this map, in particular, came from LOUD player Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro. As confirmed on the official stream, Saadhak said that bald teammate Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi grew hair watching this game.

It wasn’t only hair that was grown throughout the map, as DRX fans went from doomed to ecstatic. One even commented before the second half started that the extensive coaching staff that DRX has to help them start to take the map back.

Another big name commenting on the map was former Masters 3 Champion Igor “Redgar” Vlasov. He simply commented on the strength of DRX’s mentality to take that predicament and win the map anyway.

Last but not least, it was confirmed by the official DRX Twitter account that their players yelled “VAMOS” at their opponents after achieving the map victory.

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