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The Finals server issues and how to solve them

The Finals? More like the final straw...

The Finals had a hype release when it was surprisingly launched after The Game Awards 2023. The fast-paced, demolition-focused shooter has exciting gameplay but that’s only if you can get in. A lot of gamers have started complaining about an abundance of server issues in The Finals. Here’s what’s going on.

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On Reddit, one player shared frustration with The Finals server issues that don’t seem to be going away. This includes the Play button being “greyed out” and unable to click it at all, meaning they can’t even start queueing up. When they try to start a competitive match, they get an error message. Did the recent patch cause some bugs with the server?

In response to the Reddit post, many The Finals players have commented that they are experiencing the same problems. Some can’t join games at all while others are seeing issues when attempting to queue up with a squad. One player described their experience: “Loaded up with two buddies, I got put in a separate game from them. Came in second place but server disconnected with one second left and said I had $670,000. Get kicked back to main lobby and have a suspension I don’t deserve for length: 152. Not sure how long that means but quite annoying for sure.”

Others have also been getting suspended even when the server issues are not their fault. This has caused a lot of frustration with the playerbase as they wait for the developers to return after the weekend to address the shockingly bad server issues.

Are The Finals servers down? Error 500 and tfla0002 explained

Two errors have continued to pop up for players after the update. This includes Error 500 and Error tfla0002.

Error 500 is a login error. It won’t even let gamers open The Finals at all. It seems like players are unable to launch The Finals when the login queue reaches its max capacity.

Unfortunately, there’s no fix for login error 500 right now. For now, players have to wait a few minutes and then try logging in again.

The next is Error tfla0002. It’s unclear what this error is related to but some believe it’s when you also have a VPN running. If you don’t want to shut off your VPN, try choosing different countries until you’re allowed to log into the game.

Will there be a hotfix for The Finals?

Right now, it appears that developers are on their weekend break. This has left the servers a bit of a mess after the last update.

Said one player on Steam: “Yea I’m having problems. Matches without full teams, matches already in progress with half number of players. my mouse is blinking across the screen, I lose the ability to shoot sometimes, can’t join with party or party joins a minute after. It was fine earlier today, now it’s got tons of issues.”

This will hopefully be addressed on Monday, December 18.