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With Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies on the horizon, it is time for one last game update to the Rise of Elements set. On Sunday, Lead Designer Riot Mortdog streamed a breakdown of the changes included with the March 4 update. In this patch, patch 10.5, many favorite champions received final changes. Included are Leona, Karma, and a massive change to the elusive 3-star Lux.

The final buffs to the Rise of Elements

There are several notable buffs in the patch 10.5 update. Among the changes are buffs to the Blademaster, Electric, and Glacial traits. As Riot Mortdog explains, however, all changes in this update will be relatively minor in comparison to previous updates. 

For example, Electric receives an additional 25 damage at the 3 and 4 set effects. This change is unlikely to change the meta, however, it should mix up the meta for the final weeks of the set just enough to keep players interested.

Another example of these changes is to the 7-cost unit, Lux. In this update, for those who reach a 3-star Lux, her ability is now guaranteed to kill the target. Previously, at 9,999 damage, it was expected that this would already kill the majority of targets. However, Lux’s ability now deals 99,999 spell damage instead. 

Minor adjustments to Lunar 

Karma Teamfight Tactics

Since its introduction, the Lunar trait has been among the strongest in Teamfight Tactics. Now, with the final update of the set, Leona sees a significant nerf to her ability, Lunar Barrier. This ability is called “Eclipse” in League of Legends; however, it was changed to better suit the Lunar trait. Lunar Barrier reduces all incoming damage by 40 to 120. With this update, however, the duration of her ability has been reduced from 5 to 4 seconds. 

The other champion of the Lunar trait, Karma, also sees a notable nerf to her ability. Karma’s ability, Inspire, shields allies and grants them a scaling attack speed buff. With this update, the strength of the bonus attack speed is taken away at 1 and 2-star Karma. The buff’s strength is now 35/50%, rather than the previous 40/60% bonus attack speed. However, this is made up for if Karma reaches her 3-star state, which grants a 100% attack speed buff. 

For more news about the next set, Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, be sure to keep an eye on Daily Esports.

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