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With the new VALORANT map Lotus joining the rotation soon, you may want to start studying every little detail. You may have noticed that there are a lot of similarities between Lotus and another map, Haven. Both of these maps have three sites, but they have more in common than you think!

B site is still a tough place to secure

One thing VALORANT players know about Haven is how tough it is to get a plant on B site and keep it safe, which is no different on Lotus. From its design, Haven makes B quicker to get to, with many more potential entries and spots to clear. In that fashion, B site on Lotus is very similar.

Where you need to walk through an open area to get to B site on Haven, Lotus has a slight change with two turns before reaching the site. But, the essence of planting there and holding it is very similar to Haven, especially with all the potential angles enemies can fight you with.

Operators still provide tons of utility

When players think of late rounds on Haven, you expect teams to run Operators either covering A site or C site thanks to its long sightlines. This is no different on Lotus, as both A and C site have long sightlines for snipers to try and test their skills on.

The map layout of Lotus. | Provided by Riot Games.

While on Haven, the C site is more of a traditional Operator spot, Lotus seems to have that on A instead. Either way, both the sites on the left and right lend well to Operators.

Be careful with A site’s high ground

Last but not least, both VALORANT maps Haven and Lotus have a key portion of their A site on higher ground. Where Haven has a tight spot that takes a while to get into and out of, Lotus’ is more open.

In a similar vein to Haven, attackers planting there have to keep an eye on it, as one enemy standing there gives them a wide angle to pick off players. But, unlike Haven, the openness of the high ground can lead to easier shots on Lotus, especially with the flank on A drop. Specific agents like Jett and Raze can climb that and cover that angle, so defenders don’t always have the advantage.