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It has been a wild year for Teamfight Tactics with 2022 having four set and half set releases as well as the continuation of TFT: GIzmos & Gadgets. With so many new things coming to the game over the last 12 months, there have been a ton of cool traits that players have had the pleasure or displeasure of playing with and against. Here are our picks for the best TFT Traits from 2022.

Best TFT Set 6 Trait: Scrap

Provided by Riot Games.

Players playing the new TFT expansions might have noticed that there is a Prismatic Augment called Binary Airdrop which essentially gives units an additional completed item at random if they already have two but in TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets, it was just a Gold Augment and was unreal in Scrap compositions. The Scrap trait has the effect of making any random component on a Scrap champion become a random completed item at the start of combat while giving a health shield for the combined total components on the board. This with Binary Airdrop meant that players can place just three total components on a Scrap champion and have three completed items every single fight giving the comp multiple carries and unbreakable shields.

Best TFT Set 6.5 Trait: Innovator

Provided by Riot Games.

Innovator was truly a trait worth its namesake in Neon Nights — but the longer the expansion ran, the more ironic the trait name became; in every single patch of Set 6.5, Innovator was an S-Tier composition. This was because the units that existed in the Innovator class were a true perfect storm of support and carries so much so that no other trait in the expansion could stand up to them. And if a player managed to get an Innovator emblem and hit the chase trait? It was game over on the spot as the Innovator Dragon won rounds by itself.

Best TFT Set 7 Trait: Scalescorn

Provided by Riot Games.

Everyone knew that Giant Slayer would be good in an expansion where the mechanic was, well, giant dragons (with a lot of health), but the sheer impact that Scalescorn had on the metagame in TFT: Dragonlands was even more broken than expected. The duo of Olaf and Diana were untouchable throughout a majority of the TFT Set 7 release thanks to players being able to make Olaf an Assassin which allowed Scalescorn players to reroll for Diana and Olaf three-stars and take over the game. Thanks to the Scalescorn traits, the stronger the enemy boards were, the stronger Olaf and Diana were.

Best TFT Set 7.5 Trait: Dragon

TFT Patch 12.17 12.18 Dragons Dragon Tier List Ragewing TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Shyvana
Provided by Riot Games.

Going from perhaps the worst trait in TFT: Dragonlands to the best trait in the mid-set update, the Dragon mechanic took over the game in Set 7.5 as players quickly realized that even though they take up two spots on the board, Dragon units are by far the strongest in the game. And with the trait being reworked to allow players to play as many of them as they want without consequence, Dragon-only comps proved to be the best in the game for the entire expansion.

Best TFT Set 8 Trait: Mascot

Provided by Riot Games.

TFT: Monsters Attack is still just in its second patch of the set’s lifecycle but there is already a trait that everyone will agree is the best in the expansion and that is Mascot. The trait is relatively simple to understand as it gives the entire team a built-in redemption which heals everyone on the board every couple of seconds and ramps up with the number of Mascot units dead but the perception of the trait is skewed due to the oppressive Yuumi Mascot Supers reroll comp that is plaguing the ladder at the time of the publishing of this article. Only time will tell if the trait scales well into the new year but for 2022, it’s the best trait in the set.

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