The best TFT comps from the Mid-Set Finale
Mid-Set Finale

The best TFT comps from the Mid-Set Finale

Mutant, Challenger, Innovator and Arcanist were the best performers

The biggest North American Teamfight Tactics tournament of the Gizmos & Gadgets expansion thus far has just wrapped up. The Mid-Set Finale brought together the 32 best players from across NA to fight it out for a cash prize and the first four spots at the NA Regional Finals. Here are the winning compositions from the finals on Day 3.

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Kyivix’s Scholar Heimer

School is now in session, but this was Heimerdinger’s last semester. | Provided by team builder

“Kyivix,” who has created a reputation for being one of the best reroll composition players in North America, flexed his skill in Game 1 of the Mid-Set Finale finals. They piloted an unorthodox Scholar composition that utilized multiple three-star carries including Heimerdinger and Lissandra.

DQA’s Challenger Yone

May Academy and Yone rest in peace. | Provided by team builder

In Game 2, Invictus Gaming’s “DQA” piloted a Yone Challenger composition with a little extra fire power. With the power of two Challenger Emblems, DQA was able to hit the eight-challenger interval and to add onto the pain, DQA had clockwork making Yone the true blade master. Oh, and they also had an Academy Emblem on Orianna for extra damage. A nice send off before Yone and Academy leave in Neon Nights.

Aesah’s Seven-Innovator

Seven Innovator is strong. | Provided by team builder

“Aesah” piloted one of the best compositions in the game in Game 3. The Innovator trait has been a powerful choice for players throughout the entirety of the Gizmos & Gadgets expansion. But the comp truly shines when players can get an Innovator Emblem, enabling the seven-Innovator interval. With the Hextech dragon on the board, players are hard to beat. But in Aesah’s case, they also had a Tahm Kench feeding items to their entire team which gave Aesah one of the easiest wins in the finals.

Ramblinnn’s Mutant Sniper Jhin Urgot

Mid-Set Finale
A crazy Chemtech Sniper Mutant comp. | Provided by team builder

“Ramblinnn” has been one of the best tournament players in North America over the past year and in Game 4 of the Mid-Set Finale, they showed why. Given a ton of emblems throughout the game, Ramblinnn busted out a composition that consisted of a powerful pair that are often the carries of their own compositions, but not usually together. With Jhin becoming a Mutant and Urgot becoming a Sniper, this Chemtech Mutant Sniper board was more than good enough to bring Ramblinnn a win in Game 4 of the Mid-Set Finale.

Setsuko’s Arcanist Viktor

Mid-Set Finale
A standard six-Arcanist board. | Provided by team builder

After a game featuring one of the wildest compositions in the tournament, “Setsuko” went with a basic-but-powerful approach in Game 5. Not wanting to make things complicated for no reason in a high-pressure Game 5, Setsuko decided to go deep in the Arcanist tree and play a simple, but effective, Arcanist Viktor composition with a Vex frontline. The comp was good enough for the win.

Aesah’s Mutant Lux Malzhar

Mid-Set Finale
Mana reduction Mutant with a Lux is GG. | Provided by team builder

Finally, to cap off the event, Aesah picked up their second win of the finals playing a Mutant composition. The final two compositions in Game 6 were both Mutant compositions. But Aesah’s proved to be a tad stronger as they pushed to Level 9 while Kyivix was only Level 7. With Lux firing rapid-fire shots and Malazhar cleaning up, the final round was an easy victory for Aesah. However, Kyyivix got the last laugh as with the second-place finish, Kyivix was crowned the overall Mid-Set Finale winner.

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