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In Call of Duty: Warzone, the submachine gun class is mainly used as a secondary to an assault rifle. Players run the Overkill perk and pair a top AR with a strong SMG to get the best of worlds. The AR can do work at medium to long-range while the SMG is saved for close-range gunfights that the AR isn’t suitable for. With this common loadout style still being popular in Season 4, players need to know what is the best SMG to use in Warzone.

For a majority of the Vanguard life cycle in Warzone, there hasn’t been a single top SMG. The MP40 has certainly run things for the largest amount of time but it’s always had competition, such as the Welgun, H4 Blixen, Type 100, Armaguerra 43, etc. In Season 4, the MP40 is still one of the best SMGs that players can equip, as it hasn’t seen any significant nerfs in quite some time. However, a new contender emerged with the Season 4 update that takes the top spot in the SMG class of Warzone.

Best SMG in Warzone

As it currently stands in Season 4, the brand new Marco-5 SMG is considered the overall best weapon in its class. The new weapon immediately entered the meta when it was released at the start of Season 4, mainly thanks to its mobility, fire rate, and damage. The Marco-5 can obliterate enemies at close range and makes for the perfect backup to a strong assault rifle.

However, on a map like Fortune’s Keep, players can actually just use the Marco-5 and succeed, as long as they keep their engagements close range. Although, if players need to take a fight at a longer range, they can have some success with the Marco-5 thanks to its amazing damage profile. This gun is a true jack-of-all-trades, as it doesn’t currently feature many weaknesses in Warzone. The one area players might find lacking with the Marco-5 is its recoil control but the SMG’s best loadout can mitigate that issue relatively easily.