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The Marco-5 arrived with the Season 4 update in Call of Duty: Warzone and immediately became one of the battle royale’s most unique weapons. While the gun isn’t anything extraordinary by itself, it features an attachment that few other SMGs do in Warzone. The Marco-5 has an attachment that allows it to be equipped in Akimbo, meaning players can hold one of the weapons in each of their hands at the same time. This attachment makes the SMG terrific in close range but abysmal at anything past 20 meters or so. Still, the Akimbo attachment is featured on the best loadout for the Marco-5 in Warzone Season 4.

Aside from the Akimbo specialty, the Marco-5 is a great weapon at close range but doesn’t have the best recoil control. This is largely in part due to the SMG’s blistering fast fire rate, which can take enemies down in a matter of seconds. Especially while in Akimbo, players want to ensure they’re using the Marco-5 behind a primary assault rifle or light machine gun. This will make long-range gunfights much more doable while allowing the Marco to excel at close range.

To see the full loadout for the Marco-5 in Warzone Season 4, keep reading below.

Best Marco-5 loadout in Warzone

On the loadout for the Marco-5, players will want to refrain from using any attachments that increase aim down sight speed or sprint-to-fire time. Thanks to the Akimbo attachment, players can’t scope in with the Marco-5, making those stats pointless.

  • Muzzle: M1929 Silencer
  • Barrel: Botti 285mm Custom
  • Stock: Botti HF Folding
  • Magazine: 8mm Nambu 60 Round Drums
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened
  • Rear Grip: Pine Tar Grip
  • Proficiency: Akimbo
  • Kit: Quick

Like the Marco-5’s best Vanguard loadout, the one in Warzone is centered around Akimbo. As such, we’ve gone with attachments that increase mobility, magazine size, bullet velocity, and, above all else, hip-fire accuracy. Players will only be shooting from the hip, so having a higher accuracy in that stat is key to making this loadout work.