The best of Asmongold playing Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 asmongold
Asmongold steps into the world of Overwatch 2. | Edited by Kenny Utama

The best of Asmongold playing Overwatch 2

Asmongold leaves Azeroth to play some Roadhog

Zack, or as he’s better known, Asmongold has been playing Overwatch 2 since the Beta was released to the public on Tuesday. The World of Warcraft and general MMO streamer has played the game on his stream and even paired up with Félix “xQc” Lengyel for a few games. Here are the best moments from his still ongoing Overwatch 2 streams.

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Asmongold delves into the Overwatch 2 beta

The popular WoW streamer started playing the game on Tuesday and was immediately hooked to two main characters, Bastion and Roadhog. No surprise, as Asmongold typically plays warrior classes that focus on damage in MMOs, it is not a surprise that he chose to play characters that can shoot down an entire team or hook and one shot an enemy. Here is him facing off against another Bastion, ending in some unfortunate circumstances.

In the middle of him playing Roadhog, Asmongold was introduced to Echo and her transformation shenanigans. He tried to kill Echo with a hook and his Roadhog ultimate but was not aware of Echo’s ability to transform into enemy characters. Which ended in him getting hooked off the stage at the last moment. His face of disbelief as he gets hooked is priceless.

In another clip, Asmongold truly captures the chaos of Overwatch 2 as a game, as he gets trapped in the house on the corner of Ilios to face off against a raging Winston. He eventually got chased down by two other enemies, and in a moment of frustration simply used Roadhog’s ultimate and spun his camera angle around. He had an 11 player kill streak at the time, so who are we to debate his tactics?

Finally, Asmongold’s first encounter of Tracer also brought a smile his Twitch chat as he struggled to nail down Tracer dashing through him multiple times. He tried to aim his shotgun at her as best he could, but the moment he got close, the Tracer dashed away. Before he knew it he has a third eye view of his character from the sky, and has respawned, completely dumbfounded by what just occurred in front of him.

The Overwatch 2 beta is still going on, and players can simply tune in to any of the approved list of streamers for four hours in order to gain a beta key to play the game.

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