The best MW3 killstreak you're probably not using
The best MW3 killstreak you're probably not using
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The best MW3 killstreak you’re probably not using

Dominate your enemies and make them rage

There are over 20 killstreaks to pick from in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, and most of them are worth one of your three streak slots. However, I’m willing to bet you have overlooked potentially the best killstreak in MW3.

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While you might immediately gravitate toward using something like the Chopper Gunner, VTOL Jet, or Overwatch Helo, those streaks can be shot down by enemies and also take a while to earn. My personal best killstreak is worth a little more than a UAV in MW3 and can kill double the number of enemies you can kill with a VTOL Jet or other aerial streak.

Keep reading below to see what killstreak I’m talking about and how I suggest you use it in multiplayer.

The best killstreak in MW3

If you guessed that I was talking about the Cluster Mine, then bravo. If you didn’t think of that, then don’t worry, as the Cluster Mine has been tremendously underrated by most of the community in the early going of MW3.

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The Cluster Mine is only a 6 killstreak/750 scorestreak in MW3, meaning you can consistently earn it if you are playing the objective with scorestreaks enabled. What the Cluster Mine does is allow you to physically toss several explosive discs around a specific area on the map. When enemies go even remotely near these discs, they are triggered and usually kill the enemy. I believe there are roughly five or six discs that are tossed when you use the Cluster Mine, giving you that many chances to kill enemies.

Most of the time, if I pick the right spot to use the Cluster Mine, I can earn around three or four kills with it consistently in MW3. While the VTOL Jet or Overwatch Helo can earn the same number of kills, you can earn the Cluster Mine in half the time and far more consistently than any other major streak. This gives you the potential to earn upwards of a dozen kills in a single match with just the Cluster Mine (provided you earn a few of them).

How to use the Cluster Mine in MW3

My best advice for using the Cluster Mine is to pick the most trafficked area on any given map. If you find you’re dying in a specific spot more than other spots, then you might want to throw the Cluster Mine near there.

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If you’re playing an objective-based game mode, such as Domination or Hardpoint, throwing the Cluster Mine near one of the objective points or the path to an objective point is the best course of action. You can also use the Cluster Mine to actively keep enemies off objectives. For example, if you throw the Cluster Mine on the B flag in Domination or near a bombsite in Search and Destroy, enemies will have a much harder time getting to that objective.

If you simply want the most kills possible, though, throw the Cluster Mine where enemies are most likely to go on a map in MW3. Once it’s placed down, just watch the killfeed, as it’s probable you see the Cluster Mine kills come in quite quickly.

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