All killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer
All killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer
Image via Activision

All killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

The list isn't complete yet

Killstreaks are what have always set Call of Duty games apart from the competition in the first-person shooter genre. The feeling of calling in a high-octane streak that you worked for is one of the best feelings you can have when playing COD. As expected, a full slate of killstreaks is available in Modern Warfare 3, and the full list has just been revealed.

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You can take a look below and view all of the current killstreaks we will see at launch in MW3 multiplayer.

All killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3

Image via Activision

In total, there are 23 killstreaks in MW3 multiplayer, with many of them returning from previous games. However, there are some new streaks that could change up the meta.

Here are all of the killstreaks currently in MW3 along with what you need to do to earn them:

  1. UAV – 4 Kills/500 Score
  2. Mosquito Drone – 4 Kills/500 Score
  3. SAM Turret – 4 Kills/500 Score
  4. Bomb Drone – 4 Kills/500 Score
  5. Guardian-SC – 5 Kills/625 Score
  6. Care Package – 5 Kills/625 Score
  7. Counter UAV – 5 Kills/625 Score
  8. Cluster Mine – 6 Kills/750 Score
  9. Precision Airstrike – 6 Kills/750 Score
  10. Cruise Missile – 6 Kills/750 Score
  11. SAE – 7 Kills/875 Score
  12. Remote Turret – 7 Kills/875 Score
  13. Mortar Strike – 7 Kills/875 Score
  14. Juggernaut Recon – 8 Kills/1,000 Score
  15. Wheelson-HS – 8 Kills/1,000 Score
  16. Overwatch Helo– 8 Kills/1,000 Score
  17. VTOL Jet – 10 Kills/1,250 Score
  18. Emergency Airdrop – 10 Kills/1,250 Score
  19. Carpet Bomb – 10 Kills/1,250 Score
  20. Advanced UAV – 12 Kills/1,500 Score
  21. Chopper Gunner – 12 Kills/1,500 Score
  22. Gunship – 12 Kills/1,500 Score
  23. Juggernaut – 15 Kills/1,875 Score

You’ll notice I mentioned both the amount of kills and score you need to earn each streak. Just like in MW2, you can choose to run either killstreaks or scorestreaks directly from the streak menu in MW3. This way, you can change up how you earn the streaks depending on what game mode you’re playing.

The newer killstreaks on this list include the likes of Mosquito Drone, Guardian-SC, Remote Turret, Juggernaut, and Gunship. However, all of these have actually been in previous Call of Duty games, just under different names. The Mosquito Drone is essentially the Hunter Killer Drone from Black Ops 2 while the Guardian-SC is almost identical to the Guardian from Black Ops 3, for example.

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As for the rest of the streaks, they should be very familiar to veterans of the Call of Duty series. Most of them derive straight from this year’s MW2.

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