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The light machine gun class has been extremely well-represented thus far in Season 1 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The class has a couple of weapons that are firmly in the weapon meta, with one standing out more than the rest.

What makes the LMGs so popular in Season 1 is how easy they are to use. Players will usually see very little recoil when using an LMG and have the ability to kill a fully-armored enemy within the blink of an eye. Because of the class’ popularity in Season 1, players have wondered what the best LMGs in Warzone 2 are.

While players can’t go wrong with any of the six available LMGs, there are three that we believe stand a notch above the other half. Today, we’ll be listing our picks for the top three LMGs in Warzone 2, starting with what we believe to be the absolute best.

1. RPK

RPK loadout Call of Duty: Warzone 2
Provided by Activision

There could be no other LMG to take the top spot on our list. The RPK has thoroughly dominated Warzone 2 so far, being many players’ main weapon of choice in Season 1. This classic COD LMG has almost no weaknesses, as it acts like both an AR and LMG, giving players the best of both worlds.

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RAAL MG loadout Modern Warfare 2
Provided by Activision

The next best LMG in Warzone 2 is the RAAL MG. This LMG is arguably easier to use than the RPK in terms of accuracy. It has close to zero recoil when equipped with the right attachments. Where it falls short of the RPK is in terms of mobility. Players can’t use the RAAL MG as effectively at close range as they can with the RPK. However, the RAAL is a worthy weapon for any player to equip.

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3. HCR 56

HCR-56 loadout Warzone 2
Provided by Activision

The third-best LMG in Warzone 2, in our opinion, is the HCR 56. This AUG variant is a solid all-around weapon that is a mix between the RAAL MG and RPK. It doesn’t have quite the mobility of the RPK but it’s also not as slow as the RAAL. It’s a great beginner weapon for newer players, but veteran players can also take advantage of its low recoil and high damage.

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