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Hyper Scape takes the concept of battle royale and almost turns it upside down. Ubisoft Montreal managed to take certain mainstays of the genre and give them intriguing twists to provide a refreshing experience for players. Aspects like fusing weapons, in-game events, and more make Hyper Scape truly unique. However, one of the biggest innovations in the new FPS is the addition of Hacks. Similar to abilities from Apex Legends, Hacks can give you a real advantage if you know how to use them. Before that happens, though, you need to know which ones to pick up.

If you want to gain access to Hyper Scape‘s Technical Test, check out our article on how to do so.

The Hacks of Hyper Scape

Hacks are some of the most important utility in Hyper Scape. They can turn an engagement around, make movement easier, and allow you to gain control of the game. While some work better than others, all of the game’s Hacks are useful in their own way.

Of course, some will be more useful than others. Before we get into which ones you should use, let’s see every Hack that’s currently in Hyper Scape.

  • Invisibility
  • Mine
  • Armor
  • Ball
  • Slam
  • Wall
  • Reveal
  • Teleport
  • Heal
Hyper Scape
Image via Ubisoft

Best of the best

In total, we have nine Hacks. However, in our initial playtime, we found that three really stand out from the rest. The first of these is Slam, which you can use in a variety of ways. Its primary use is being launched into the sky and coming down fast for a slam, which will damage nearby enemies. Slam is extremely helpful when trying to get out of a fight but can also be used for movement purposes.

The next Hack you should pick up over the others is Invisibility. Though it’s more beneficial after you level it up, Invisibility provides you with a quick escape or a surprise on unsuspecting enemies. Invisibility of any kind will always prove helpful in an FPS title, though.

Lastly, we recommend picking up Teleport if given the chance. Like Invisibility, it becomes even more overpowered after you level it up. However, even in its beginning state, Teleport is great for a multitude of reasons. You can use it to gain a height advantage, quickly disappear from a gunfight, or even run away from enemies if you’re carrying the Crown.

Those are the three Hacks we recommend picking up in Hyper Scape. Which are your favorites? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for future Hyper Scape news and guides.

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